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The GCOL (Greater Church of Lucifer) is a non-dogmatic, philosophical center for those who apply our basic 11 Luciferian Points of Power in their own individual, unique and productive way. We are not atheistic or theistic, your approach is your own. The GCOL is not an organization which desires to help everyone, our philosophy encourages individuals to seek the knowledge needed to lift themselves up. Our gatherings and meetings discuss our philosophy and all the associated topics and areas within the Left Hand Path and other areas of study. The GCOL seeks mature, strong of mind and those who are successful or upon their own path of happiness in life. Luciferianism is made strong by the individual achieving results and illuminating our philosophy by example. We will not convert: either you are ‘Luciferian’ or not; there is no in-between.


The Luciferian philosophy is easily defined as the self-determined path towards potential with a balance between actualizing results in material and spiritual aims. Luciferianism advocates seeking knowledge for a goal-oriented purpose, gaining insight from experience and power from evolving and becoming towards a potential in self-excellence. To challenge and question restrictive belief and dogmatic religion requires courage and a path to the knowledge you seek. This is called Liberation, breaking the chains of ignorance. To seek knowledge to apply towards gaining insight as well as goals is called Illumination. To become aware that you can shape your life by your Will, Desire and Belief is continual Apotheosis.

We seek insight from the application of knowledge to test our strengths and weaknesses, thus we evolve and become in a gradual way our idealized potential of self-excellence. We reject the complaining, self-revealing “victims” who blame others for their consistent failure. Luciferians are loyal, compassionate and fair to proven friends and family.

Our philosophy and path is called ‘Luciferian’ as we find symbolic and metaphorical strength and beauty in the archetype of the Bringer of Light. Luciferians recognize within nature a cycle of creation and destruction is a primal law which can be perceived as an instinctual motivation to seek self-excellence by overcoming obstacles. Luciferians often recognize this as “The Adversary” as this challenging, overmastering power is natural and inspiring for those of who identify with the symbol of the “One without a Master”.


Luciferians strive for balance between the primal instincts which motivate our designs in life (darkness); with self-determination in maintaining self-control and applying our ability to use reason and logic (light). This symbol of unity of darkness (instinct, emotion) and light (intellect, logic) sparks the Black Flame (inspired imaginative consciousness and potential towards your True Will). This is represented as Liberation, the conscious act of logically destroying restrictive dogma, especially if uncomfortable to gain new levels of insight and power; Illumination is the achievement of the insight of the experience.

As you achieve insight from the knowledge and experience of overcoming your restrictive beliefs and fears, identifying the weaknesses to strengthen with discipline, you go further upon your Left Hand Path and the accumulation of power. This process is called Apotheosis (becoming a god): to become a god simply means that you acknowledge your mind and thoughts, especially the way you perceive something and the words and actions you take are your responsibility alone. No matter what someone might “do” to you, accountability and responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions is yours. Luciferians don’t spend time whining and constantly complaining as victims for what others have done to them, we reject weakness and have disdain for the slave-mentality of the downtrodden. Nature and life has no place for it expect as prey to the stronger.


Luciferians identify with the symbol of the Adversary in nature: evolve, become and conqueror. You can recognize this essential Luciferian Trait just by observing the words and actions of another. If they are “victims” and fill the air with complaints of another person causing their “failures” then they have revealed that they are sheep: avoid the downtrodden sheep who sometimes try to fit a more slender “wolf-skin” over their overweight, soft and “wool-covered” bodies. The Wolf-Skin might be stretched over the lazy Sheep body for a time, but the covering will not hold. Natural instinct holds contempt for weakness, trust your “gut feelings” and avoid the “victim” who inherently cannot exist as a Luciferian.


The Pillars of Luciferianism

Luciferianism is the malleable yet consistently practical philosophy that challenges restrictive beliefs by guiding the individual towards self-excellence. Self-sovereignty from a continual application of what is identified by a tactical triad of self-determined, isolate consciousness: Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. Luciferians seek strategic methods to reject orthodox restrictions such as dogmatic religious boundaries or the deep-seated “guilt” and “man is a sinner” defeatist thought; knowledge in a practical application (to gain mastery over emotion or situation) and to in this moment (physical life in the here and now) seize the power you seek.

The realization of individual achievement and gaining insight from failure awakens a defining moment in the consciousness; to mentally accept that only you are the governing force determining the path in life. Individuals who find a common “spirit” which our philosophy become “Luciferians” often slowly and over a period of time. Luciferianism is understood as a philosophical basis by the application and goal-oriented leadership traits known as the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. 

Luciferianism is not a dogmatic religion, you cannot "convert" nor invest blind faith to be "saved" or "protected". Your perception of the world, the ability to adapt and the desire to seek self-excellence is the only way to the spiritual "faith" of ones' Temple of Mind, Body and Spirit. Luciferians become such by continual, logical adaptation of the philosophy as simply defined in the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. The 11 Points are basics of self-awareness and establishing a practical and strategic approach to life. 

They were philosophically adapted from a Luciferian grimoire "The Bible of the Adversary", without the initiatory and esoteric ciphers of Adversarial Magick and philosophically bare in essence. The result presented an interesting key aspect crucial to Luciferianism: you either "are" in alignment with the philosophy, able to adapt and apply it as you gain insight or you simply "are not". There is no in-between upon the Luciferian Path, trust in your instincts and with discipline seek your potential of power and happiness in this life. 

If you are of us, welcome to your path of individual Apotheosis!

The GCOL is a growing international organization established to provide an online and where available local meeting and gathering events to discuss the application of Luciferian Philosophy and associated topics. The GCOL philosophy is founded upon the 11 Luciferian Points of Power available on this site and is published in "Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy" by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and Hopemarie Ford. Luciferians are often highly individualistic and come from all walks of life with a variety of interests. 

Luciferians are consistently leaders and unafraid to question the herd mentality, like traditional Satanists we are aware that we all have primal instincts and carnal desires; life should be enjoyed as what is reasonable. Luciferians seek to attain the required knowledge for liberating restrictive dogma, overcoming obstacles and attaining goals. Luciferians seek to establish balance in life with a rational desire to evolve and gain power from the developing force of Will. 

Power, Balance, Wisdom, Strength

This are the pillars of our path of Apotheosis!

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Joining the GCOL

The GCOL is an organization founded on the Luciferian Philosophy as outlined in "Wisdom of Eosphoros" and other publications by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and similar Left Hand Path traditions. Membership does not require dogmatic adherence, only that the individual utilizes the basic foundation of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. There are several avenues for entry into the GCOL. Please see the membership application page, text link.

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