Actualizing Luciferian Philosophy:

Three-Fold Path of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis

The ALB is an international organization which actualizes Luciferian Philosophy in a pragmatic fashion. Luciferianism is not a dogmatic religion, rather it is a philosophical approach towards life and how to take authority over your own. It is the recognition that the individual has the power to shape and transform his or her life. This starts with the way in which the mind perceives existence. One may explore the basic Luciferian foundation by regarding our 11 Luciferian Points of Power as suggestions to be applied uniquely within daily life. This path of spiritual lawlessness begins the process of breaking free from restrictive institutionalized views through ruthlessly challenging them and discarding all those which do not hold up to scrutiny.

The Assembly of Light Bearers is the new name of the organization which was formally named ‘Greater Church of Lucifer’ (GCOL). As we look towards our future and mission with spreading Luciferianism among like-minded individuals (who often already are aligned to our principles), it was deemed necessary to cast down the “Church” concept which suggests ‘religion’ in a formal sense. The ALB focuses on the Luciferian Philosophy and the individual; our method of applying our teachings is found simply in the 11 Luciferian Points of Power and our Triad of the Morning Star, namely the continual process of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. We will explore that later, let us establish the basics of what Luciferianism and ALB represents.

NO SUBMISSION, NO WORSHIP: Luciferians Develop Personal Power and Reject the Myths of ‘Original Sin’

Luciferians do not worship any deity or devil, we consider submission to another ‘deity’ as a demeaning and self-destructive acknowledgement of defeat. 

Lucifer as a Name of Power calls forth traits of denying dogmatic religious teachings and embracing a philosophy that inspires positive self-esteem, responsibility and insight. Lucifer as a name brings to mind a strong individual who questions everything, using knowledge and thought to apply strategy. The name of Lucifer represents Pride (in balance with the discipline or logic) and Self-Liberation: a motivator and challenging power which balances this world. We as Luciferians do not submit to any deity, but hold the powers which they represent as "masks" of knowledge. Lucifer is the antithesis of restrictive dogma and the religion of blind-faith.

The Adversary is the feared symbol known as the ‘Devil’, ‘Satan’, ‘Ahriman’, ‘Azazel’, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Samael’ among others. Lucifer is the Bringer or more precisely ‘Bearer’ of Light, associated with the planet Venus which is known as the Morning and Evening Star. Luciferians can validate that when the 11 Points of Power are applied consistently, the individual begins to not only establish goals and insight, but most importantly the Luciferian begins to think like ‘The Adversary’ or one of the many ‘Deific Masks’ depicted in symbolic representations. To think as a Light Bearer, or ‘Lucifer’ is to rebel against dogmatic thought and to gain the awareness that we not only redeem ourselves but also have the power to think before speaking and acting.

Luciferians are closely related to traditional Satanism, yet there are key differences. Satanism typically represents rational self-interest and the drive to make the most out of life, including the epicurean indulgence in earthly pleasures. The symbol of Satan is simply the free-thinking, strategic and passionate ‘God of this World’. Luciferians often acknowledge the foundation of indulgence with self-restraint, yet seek to climb up the ladder of personal evolution, power and wisdom per our self-directed path. Luciferians understand that overall, Science is a technical definition which is identical with our understanding of Magick. Words themselves have immense power to cause change in the world.

PHILOSOPHY VS LUCIFERIAN MAGICK: A Path for the Individual with Practical Tools for Apotheosis

Luciferians may utilize the philosophy over time without performing ritual ceremonies or magickial workings. Those who are attracted to the Left Hand Path may seek to determine if self-initiation is his or her will or desire. Within Adversarial or Luciferian Magick traditions, the individual uses a balance of rational self-determination learning how to actualize a metaphysical framework and attain knowledge and power via Will, Desire and Belief.

The balance is using rational, skeptical thinking (as we do in our daily life) with the mytho-poetical, fantastical and obsession-driven passion of channeling and directing our energies towards specific goals. To define this simply, rational thought is the key to commanding our world we live in to change in accordance with our will; in the ritual chamber (away from the eyes of others) we invest our Will, Desire and Belief in the fantasy of the powers we recognize as potentially ‘supernatural’. We have the potential to create and support our goals by validating results and developing a spirituality highly unique to the individual. Luciferians don’t need others to agree or mass together in some religious fantasy, the strong individual shapes his or her own private spirituality and has no use in ‘converting’ others.

Luciferianism is not a mystical ‘religion’, it is based on basic principles which hold power to become “God of this World” or “Lord of the Earth”. Luciferians have the responsibility to evolve our way of thinking when needed, establishing discipline and the control of our thoughts and movements with meditation; using words to “Command” and suggest what we wish to achieve and strategic actions to conquer our obstacles. That is what ‘Rex Mundi’ means: you are accountable for your present and future. Start thinking as a rebel spirit. Apotheosis is the name of this road towards self-deification.

Membership Structure of Assembly of Light Bearers

To better serve our membership in the manner best suited to their individual goals, we are instituting a basic system of levels within the membership of the ALB. Advancement within the ALB is by merit alone. One cannot pay their way into a higher level of access within the organization. All members pay the same basic dues.


The most basic level is composed of those who simply have the desire to support our organization. At this level you will receive little personal attention and will primarily serve as a base of general support for the activities of the deeper levels. It is an important role and all members begin as Associates. An Associate may graduate to Member by completing a written examination which displays the applicant’s unique understanding and potential.


The next level is composed of those who have put in enough research to show that they are sincerely dedicated to Left Hand Path Luciferianism. This is demonstrated by successfully passing the Advancement Quiz. Qualified Members get access to the lion’s share of the website. This includes a member’s only forum, documents, access only videos and other content. Members also have access to guidance on how to form local, unsanctioned study groups and develop leadership skills that may evolve into being accepted to the official Leadership team.


The final level is active leadership. We are currently developing a semi-formal training program. This leadership training program includes a mandatory reading list, which will be available to Members. Official members of the Leadership team will have displayed maturity, tact and a solid grasp of the Luciferian Philosophy and its practical application. Leaders get access to a special Leadership section of the website with the tools and resources to empower Luminaries to run the local grottos effectively.

Assembly of Light Bearers Leadership Structure

While the GCOL formally held a top-driven leadership, the ALB has found the benefit in empowering the talented individuals from all levels and experience to manage the day to day organization. The ALB has a board of directors, the title of “Archon” which at different times may have as little as Three Archons or as many as Four or Five depending on need and circumstance.

This is our organizational structure for 2017. Remember, we will continue to evolve, become and slight change will occur over time. 

Archons (Co-Presidents)

The Luciferian Archons (a title associated with several traditions of Gnostic Luciferianism) of the ALB are the Co-Presidents who guide, strategically advance and establish the parameters of the organization. Our current Three Archons are Michael W Ford, Jeremy Crow and Hopemarie Ford. The office of Archon is comparable to that of ‘High Priest’, with the caveat that the ALB is not a dogmatic religious organization.

Archiereus (Leader of a territory as a region)

The office of Archiereus is that of a guiding leader of a large region or territory where there may be several ‘grottos’ or local bodies of members, organized by Luminaries. The Archiereus supports and guides the development and placement of local Luminaries who are organizing meetings.

Luminary (Local Area ALB Organizer)

Local bodies organized as ‘grottos’ meetings in a specific area are organized and facilitated by Luminaries. These are the captains who are taking a direct hand in guiding and developing the local Luciferian community and being an ambassador to other local groups with shared interests.

Moderators and Administrators on Designated Official ALB Forums

Moderators and Administrators are appointed by any level of leadership per necessity. Moderators should be seasoned Associates and Members. Forum moderation is a direct voice projecting the image of ALB, thus the moderator must demonstrate consistent diplomatic skill, a level of knowledge and experience to direct discussions and correct misinterpretations. Moderators also must have a level of tact and consistency regarding enforcing the code of conduct within ALB official forums. Moderators are not necessarily granted access to the Leadership section on the website 

The GCOL is now the Assembly of Light Bearers: a growing international organization established to provide an online and where available local meeting and gathering events to discuss the application of Luciferian Philosophy and associated topics. The GCOL philosophy is founded upon the 11 Luciferian Points of Power available on this site and is published in "Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy" by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and Hopemarie Ford. Luciferians are often highly individualistic and come from all walks of life with a variety of interests. 

Luciferians are consistently leaders and unafraid to question the herd mentality, like traditional Satanists we are aware that we all have primal instincts and carnal desires; life should be enjoyed as what is reasonable. Luciferians seek to attain the required knowledge for liberating restrictive dogma, overcoming obstacles and attaining goals. Luciferians seek to establish balance in life with a rational desire to evolve and gain power from the developing force of Will. 

Power, Balance, Wisdom, Strength

This are the pillars of our path of Apotheosis!

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Joining the GCOL

The GCOL is an organization founded on the Luciferian Philosophy as outlined in "Wisdom of Eosphoros" and other publications by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and similar Left Hand Path traditions. Membership does not require dogmatic adherence, only that the individual utilizes the basic foundation of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. There are several avenues for entry into the GCOL. Please see the membership application page, text link.

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