The Constitution and By-Laws to the Greater Church of Lucifer

The following pages are the constitution and by-laws of the “Greater Church of Lucifer,” a body of individuals who take inspiration from the Light Bringer archetype. The purpose of this Church is to provide local gatherings of individuals who seek to explore the philosophy and lifestyle of Luciferianism and to grow in the knowledge of their own inherent divinity. We strive to manifest a new age of enlightenment, which we describe as the New Luciferian Era, in the world at large and most especially for our members. We aim to bring the light of truth to all who actively seek it out.

The Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) is a conclave of like-minded individuals who identify with the 11 Luciferian Points of Power and the philosophy outlined in “Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy”. Leaders within the GCOL are successful individuals according to their unique desire and design; having demonstrated that the philosophy of Luciferianism is manifest in life. Leaders must have a sense of balance in life; an understanding of philosophies and various traditions of Magick, in addition to having a mature personality who is able to productively represent the Church.

Leadership within the Church is different than general membership. Leadership hold authority and the responsibility to speak on behalf of the Church with GCOL inquiries or media contact once the Archon or designated governor is consulted with and approved. Leaders must understand that they are representing the whole of the Church and out of respect for this sacred office, must demonstrate proper respect for the Greater Church of Lucifer. Leadership within the GCOL must maintain an appropriate public image which is conducive not only to your public image but equally important, the Church.

The leadership is the voice and face of the Church, Lucifer’s elect manifest in flesh. The following guidelines have been established for the protection of the Church as a whole. This is the spiritual temple which represents Lucifer manifest in those who proclaim themselves Luciferians. We are building an organization which will be taken seriously and have the rights and privileges afforded by the law of the land in every location we establish ourselves.

It is our common belief that formal membership in a Church (or other type of organization such as an Esoteric Order) is not necessary to be a Luciferian but that through organized cooperation the realm of possibilities are greatly expanded. Chief among these additional possibilities are the ability to make our philosophy accessible to a wider potential audience of interested parties as well as to obtain the political clout to more effectively safeguard the rights and freedoms of all Luciferians to practice their beliefs openly and without fear of discrimination.

The GCOL is Luciferian and is a non-dogmatic religion, aiming to give all our members a voice. We have established a number of by-laws, listed below whereby we may conduct ourselves in a respectful and orderly manner when gathered together. You are responsible for your own behavior and to be courteous to your fellow brothers & sisters.


Please note that the following statement is provided as worthy of serious consideration and used as a starting point for discussion. It is not a dogmatic list of beliefs that members must adhere to without question.

Eleven Luciferian Points of Power:

Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility.

The symbol of the Adversary is that of the self-liberator and spiritual rebel who inspires self-evolution.

Lucifer represents the balanced torch bearer of Venus: the Light Bringer as the Morning Star and the Night Bringer as the Evening Star.

The Adversary symbolizes the spark of consciousness which questions everything, manifesting the individualistic path with accountability only to the self.

The fall of Lucifer or Satan symbolizes the liberation of the mind from the slave-mentality and the courage to explore and master the darkness within. One may not offer the illumination of the Morning Star without the wisdom of the darkness within.

The Adversary represents rebellion with purpose: wisdom, strength and power.

Lucifer represents the courage and fortitude to acquire healthy self-love, leading to the responsibility of honoring your temple of mind, body and spirit.

To become your own god you must have the wisdom and strength to govern and guide your life as if your mind is to survive beyond the mortal body.

Indulgence with restraint, love for the deserving and disdain for those undeserving.

Lucifer represents the insight that every act, no matter if perceived as selfless, is at core a selfish act. Even if helping others is your passion, the brain still receives a chemical reward triggered by the act. This is why many consider that doing good deeds in society may bring you closer to “god”. Recognize you are selfish, then see this fact in all others while observing. Accept this and then with this knowledge, make choices that would benefit not only yourself but your loved ones’ when possible.

To become a god is to fully understand that you possess the power to create and sustain your path in life and illuminate the light of self-determined potential.


Section A

Prospects for membership in the Greater Church of Lucifer will resonate with most or all of the following traits or qualities:

Maverick – Luciferians are independent minded people, who see things in a way that often goes against the grain of the majority. They are often described as unorthodox, non-conformist, free spirit and iconoclast. They question everything.

Achiever – Luciferians have an internal fire burning inside that drives them to make things happen. They like to be challenged and are not satisfied unless they see the challenge through to victory. If it is their will, then it will be achieved.

Non-Dogmatic – While Luciferians are independent thinkers and certainly have opinions, they recognize and understand that their opinions, beliefs and principles are not absolute. Luciferians are flexible and as their knowledge base grows, their opinions, beliefs and principles will evolve. They also recognize that it is not necessary for everyone to have the same opinions, beliefs and principles.

Accountable & Independent – Luciferians believe that there is no authority higher than the self. Therefore they are the “God” of their own world. Everything is within their power. They are responsible for their life’s failures as well as credited for their life’s successes and victories.

Self-Reliant– Luciferians are confident in their ability to take care of themselves and expect others to do the same. They help people that cannot help themselves but only after they and their family’s needs are met. They understand the world is “survival of the fittest” and that they and their loved ones come first. They ideally help empower others by giving them the knowledge and the tools to become self-reliant. They do not go out of their way to take care of those who are already fully capable of helping themselves, as that can act to disempower the recipient of the assistance.

Intellectual – Luciferians like the mental activity that is brought forth through study, thought and introspection. They are always seeking ways to increase their knowledge base and challenge their thought processes. They do not take anything at face value. They research and explore all possibilities to find the truth. They recognize that Knowledge & Wisdom is power.

Tolerant – Luciferians do not hate or judge others for being or thinking differently. They find the common ground that allows them to respect others. They do not attack other religions, principles or beliefs without direct provocation.

Strength & Strategy – Luciferians are confident and show courage even when others do not. They do not use this strength to persecute others, but neither do they turn the other cheek. They stand their ground and meet force in equal measure and beyond, when necessary but only after they have planned and strategized. A Luciferian does not jump to actions or speech but rather methodically calculates and plans before they speak or act.

Balance – Luciferians believe that all things are balanced with both light and dark. The light cannot exist without the dark and vice versa. Good and evil, light and dark are together in everything and everyone. Therefore the stark duality between good or evil, light and dark does not objectively exist but is based on individual perception.

Section B

The Greater Church of Lucifer shall be composed of individuals, hereafter called MEMBERS, who meet the following requirements:

They self-identify as Luciferian and agree with the majority of the points described in Section A.

They profess support of the primary aims and goals of the Greater Church of Lucifer.

They agree to lend their time, talent and/or finances to GCOL projects they personally deem worthy.

They agree to abide by its constitution and by-laws.

They willingly undergo the Ceremony of Illumination under the direction of a Church Officer who is authorized to perform it. Alternatively, with permission from the Church, they will perform the Self-Illumination ceremony for themselves. Self-Illumination is typically only used when the prospective member is prohibitively far from a local branch.

They provide the required pieces of information on the membership register.

Section C

Members shall have the following privileges and responsibilities:

Attendance at Church meetings and functions being held by any local branch, internationally.

A vote in all local branch business brought before a meeting of their home branch.

The right to bring local items of business before their home branch.

The responsibility to present a prepared talk before the local members on occasion.

The right to participate in pertinent discussion during the appropriate times at any formal meeting they attend.

The opportunity to request access to the Leadership Training Program.

Section D

Members are subject to removal from the roll for the reasons below.

Please note that banning a member is not the ideal option and that attempts will be made to resolve any issues in other ways first.

Serious Criminality – Conviction of a felony involving serious damages to one or more victims, including but not limited to Murder, Sex Crimes, Animal Cruelty, Child Pornography, Kidnapping, etc…

Any pattern of behavior which causes disruption of the meetings.

Bullying or threatening any other member.

Major disagreements with the philosophy and goals of the GCOL.

Unwilling to listen to the opinions of other members.

Excessive “poaching” of members. In other words, using the GCOL meetings as a place to recruit for other organizations that are not allied with the GCOL.


Leadership within the Church is different than general membership. Leadership can speak on behalf of the Church and must maintain an appropriate public image without scandal. These guidelines have been put into place for the protection of the Church as a whole. We are aiming at building an organization which will be taken seriously and have the rights and privileges afforded by the law of the land in every location we establish ourselves. No member of the GCOL is authorized to represent the church without prior approval in writing (digital or otherwise) from an Archon.

Leadership requirements to maintain status and title within the church.

Bi-weekly reporting

Bi-weekly reports are to be submitted to headquarters from all branch and Zone leaders. Each report should be submitted in full detail about activities engaged in during that two week period.

Community Service

GCOL is evaluating the potential of establishing or encouraging various assistance programs to help others from a Luciferian philosophical view. We don’t waste time on those who are not willing to accept help with desire to get their life towards a path of personal power and self-sufficiency. Luciferians believe “Help others help themselves” is in accordance with natural law. A recognizable trait of the Luciferian is the survival instinct and burning desire for something better; a potential of self-excellence with is often unspoken but nevertheless real. We look for this in others as we exalt this trait manifest in the individual. In specific and special circumstances, the branch leadership may commit to a special opportunity for setting this balance in motion. Only with authority from your immediate GCOL leader, should any organized representation from the Church be conducted.

It is recommended that all the members of your branch wear something that ties them to the church, as appropriate for the event in question. This could include matching t-shirts or something more subtle such as a pin or button.

Remember that as the strong-minded individualistic that you are, the symbolism of Lucifer (no matter what is perceived) is darkly confrontational to those who don’t understand. They think you potentially “worship the devil” or something equally idiotic; be well-studied in “Wisdom of Eosphoros” and by practice, grow comfortable with a simple, fact and reason oriented statement, define what Luciferianism is. You must be able to explain it simply and without the symbolic language often used in magical circles. Think of the person asking the questions as if you respect them as a friend, with a degree of articulation of speech, pleasantly explaining the core philosophy of Luciferianism. If they grow angry, confrontational or asking obvious “mocking” questions then with a degree of class tinged with a slightly sharp focus, end the conversation as if you would prefer to not talk to someone who can’t hear you.

Certification programs

Several courses are in development which will cover leadership skills as well as more esoteric subjects. Those aspiring toward leadership positions in the Church will be expected to have completed certain mandatory courses in order to be considered for a position. Existing leaders will be expected to make reasonable progress towards completing these mandatory courses.

In addition, once these mandatory courses have been completed it will be expected that elective courses will be taken regularly in order to maintain a leadership position.

These educational requirements will be further elaborated when the training programs become available. The intention is to have a leadership that has proven that they understand a common base of relevant information and continue to expand their knowledge into subjects they feel personally drawn to explore.

Leadership questionnaires are required from any member in the GCOL who intends to assume a title and office. These questions are firstly organized to provide insight into the knowledge of the individual, to better facilitate his or her study and ability to perform in this role.

Background Checks

Leadership must submit a full background check before being placed into any type of office within the Church. We understand that people can change. It is not our objective to judge mistakes of the past. However, we must take steps to ensure the safety of the church and membership at all costs. A fee of $60 will be required from the individual seeking a role in leadership, this fee is non-refundable and is used to cover costs of background checks, etc. A person who is in line for leadership roles within the church cannot have the following offenses on any type of past criminal record:

i. Felonies. These will be taken on a case by case basis and must be no less than 5 years old without any other jailable offences.

ii. Sexual offenses of any kind

iii. Violent offenses of any kind

iv. Fraud


Leadership must maintain an appropriate image as representatives of the organization. This means that leadership will not involve themselves with any type of scandal that could reflect negatively on the Church. Any report of scandal will result in an internal investigation and the leadership may be required to go before the heads of the Church after the investigation is complete to justify their actions.

The leader cannot be tied to the imagery of hate related groups and history. These include Nazi party Symbols and propaganda, Racism related groups, Anti-LBGT groups and anything that promotes hate and discrimination that targets another religion in any course of their public past or in the term of leadership. These things will end the leadership term without the ability to reapply.

Dress Code

Leadership must maintain a positive public image at all times. This will include dress while representing the Church. While on camera and/or leading meetings each leader must dress and be groomed in order to show the appearance of respectability and good hygiene.

For regular meetings and non-ceremonial events the leadership is expected to go beyond simple casual attire. We aren’t going to go into great detail on what to wear, but it is expected that your attire will be elevated in some way without going beyond into the ridiculous. A simple way to do this would be to dress “business casual” or semi-formal wear. This would typically include an evening gown; slacks or dress pants paired with a button up shirt or blouse; a business suit or official GCOL robes.

For ceremonial purposes, membership robes must be worn. These can be purchased at a discounted rate. With these robes each leader will receive a stole that will dictate roles of responsibility (aka “Rank”) with the Church. Additional robes may be provided to replace worn out robes after at least one year of service to the Church in a leadership role.

Leadership by law of the IRS and to the 501c3 documentation, cannot be tied to or associated with any other religion or religious organization. This mean that it will be required to renounces all ties will all other organizations and be taken off their record books. However this does not mean you have to stop researching and learning as a “club member” of that group. If allowed you can remain a member of orders and other groups as an unofficial member.View link Here for IRS requirements:–Defined

Attaining Members

Sanctioned leaders hold the “keys” (permission) to ceremonially “illuminate” prospects into official membership within the Church. You must complete all the steps below for the new prospect to be recognized by the Church as an official member. If any of the steps below are not done the Church will not recognize the new prospect as a member and they will not receive the documents to prove it.

How to do this:

First and only if the prospect is willing to join ask a good date and time for them.

Perform the Ceremony of Illumination (Key holders Edition) with the new prospect. At no point should the prospect kneel or bow during this ceremony. Doing this is forbidden.

Leadership must submit and sign each new membership intake form and mail, or scan and email a copy of the form to GCOL headquarters. Once the form has been processed then the new member will receive conformation of membership via mail.

Requirements to become a member:

Must be at least 18 years of age if under the age of 18 then new member must of the age of 16 with written parents or guardians permission. At least one parent or guardian of the minor must be members of the Church and can be spoken to for permission confirmation.

Must have read Wisdom of Eosphoros and understand the Church’s core philosophy and be verbally confirmed by leadership that they know about the Church and our goals.

Must agree with a majority of our philosophy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that the various titles and roles are not intended to create division or stratification among the membership. They are simply reflective of actual roles and responsibilities within the organization. The individual remains the highest authority over their own life and decisions. Without a defined structure we would not be as effective in accomplishing the kind of objectives made possible by banding together.

Only the roles determined to be required will be filled within each defined area. As the Church grows, it may become necessary to appoint individual members to roles that were not needed previously. Those chosen for leadership positions will be individuals who have shown that they support the goals of the Church and are willing to use their skills to further those goals. These positions are not about wielding power over others and any leaders who abuse the prestige that may come with a title will be replaced with someone more suitable.

Titles within the church are not limited to responsibility of an area. For example; The Luminary role like all other roles can be of an area of need within the church such as Luminary of public relations or Luminary of Education. These roles do not define that Luminary to be in charge of meetings and are not required to form a group. All titles except the Archon title are subject to this definition of responsibility. Each tile given of a role with the church will end with “OF titled Role”. Those without the “OF titled Role” extension of the named title will operate according the list below.

Archons – Organizer and Facilitator of International Church Governance

The Archons duty to be the visionaries of the Church and guide the full progression of the Church. The Archon is the balance of the world that will be shown in example of their actions. They have shown a high level of mastery over their world and achieved a stage of enlightened wisdom that can move the world forward into a new era. This is a form of service to the Luciferian community and the world at large that they are willing and capable of providing.

Archiereus – Organizer and Facilitator of Full Districts

The role of the Archiereus is to govern and manage full districts which are composed of many zones. Depending on the population base and geographical land base, these districts may include full countries. The job of the Archiereus is to make sure that all leaders in their governed zones get everything they need to grow the Church. It is their jobs to find and appoint new zone leaders according to the guidelines in this document.

Archiereus Minor – Organizer and Facilitator of a Zone

Archiereus Minor is to govern a defined Zone. They receive guidance from and report directly to their Archiereus. The functions of an Archiereus Minor includes finding and developing local leadership and supporting local leadership according to this document within their Zone.

Arch Luminary –

Organizer and Facilitator of a State, Province or Territory within a Zone, as defined by the Church. The Arch-Luminary will provide support and guidance to the Luminaries within their assigned region and will assist their Archiereus Minor or Archiereus with their work as requested.

Luminary –

Organizer and Facilitator of a local branch

Local Branch Government:

1st Counselor – To assist with local branch functions and duties, including to host meetings when the Luminary is unable to for whatever reason.

2nd Counselor – To assist 1st Counselor. This function will typically only be necessary in very large local branches, such as an Ecclesia or Luminous Ecclesia.

Other task specific jobs and tiles as needed per branch and appointed by the local Luminary. One example would be to appoint a Scribe whose function would be to keep minutes and record attendance.

Ambassadors –

Ambassadors are registered GCOL members who have an aptitude for Luciferian Philosophy, skills in explaining and communicating with others and the logical approach towards presenting it to those questioning or seeking information. Ambassadors are chosen by the Archons by recommendations from the Archiereus Minor or Archiereus along with some type of demonstration of this skill in video or voice recorded presentations; this includes also any print or media representations of a past endeavor. The Archons may interview the individual and confirm their appointment. Archon’s may choose candidates for an Ambassador role and recommended an Archiereus and Archiereus Minor to facilitate the training for this position. The Ambassador must present a talent for being able to communicate the Luciferian Philosophy and alleviate misconceptions.



Unsanctioned study groups

An Unsanctioned study group is permitted within the scope of the church. This allows for people to seek and find others of like mind without the need of a Luminary governance. These groups are allowed to discuss church ideas and teaching freely. However these groups cannot speak or act on behalf of the GCOL in anyway. They are not allowed to use likeness of the church in any type of open format unless with express written permission to do so. These rules apply to all social media outlets, forums, and or websites acting on the GCOL behave.

These groups can apply to be listed on the Main GCOL website to help build their group. Once a group is large enough and feels that at least that they understand the core philosophy of the church then the group can vote in a leader. This leader can then apply to become a sanctioned part of the GCOL and one member of this group can apply to become a Luminary. This will allow the leader of the group to hold full keys and rights as a Luminary of the GCOL. The applicant Luminary must pass and meet all the qualifying criteria outlined in article III and be accepted by the Archiereus of their area and or an Archon.

Official Church groups

Tiers of gatherings

Sanctioned Study Group

Less than 10 members per Luminary governance


10 to 50 members per Luminary governance


51-100 members per Luminary governance

Luminous Ecclesia

101 or greater members per Luminary governance


Zones are combined Study groups, Branches, Ecclesia and Luminous Ecclesia in an area based on State, Province or Territory dictated by the Church.


Districts are combined zones of geographical distinction made by the Church.



Schedule: It is expected that a regular schedule of at least two meetings per month will be established on dates chosen by the leader to maximize prospect and member turn out. Leeway will be given during the first three or four months of starting a Study Group or Branch in order to test out which days’ work best in your area. One example of a meeting schedule could be every other Saturday at 4pm.

Location: Meetings should be held in a location that is easy to get to and ideally in the same place each time. Official meetings should not be held in a space that isn’t private. Meetings can be held in the homes of official members, but it is preferred to have an independent meeting space. Examples include booking a private meeting space for a couple hours at a public library, a conference room at a shared workspace facility or something more permanent such as a storefront location or dedicated meeting hall or church building if the membership is capable of supporting it. Financial assistance from headquarters may be available on a case-by-case basis.

The leadership must record an accurate attendance count for each meeting. This includes keeping track of official members in attendance by name and the number of non-members present.

Minutes must be taken in written form and submitted in English to GCOL headquarters via email and a copy to be filed with your local branch. Minutes and attendance count can be delegated to a counselor within the local branch.

The format of the submitted minutes must be as follows:

Document head: Leader Full Name, Branch name, Date and time of meeting.

Document Body: Clear notes and bullet points of meeting.

Document Footer: Signed by leader of the branch after review

Meetings are to be done as such in order to give all membership a voice and point of view.

Leader is to give meeting introduction and church news at the start of each meeting.

Each member of the branch should have equal opportunity to speak on a subject from VIII – Meeting and Discussion Topics. Once the lesson has been done then an open discussion on the subject should be encouraged.

Leader should introduce each speaker.

No less than two speakers per meeting as a general rule, with rare exceptions when it makes sense.

Change speakers each meeting.

Leader closes each meeting.

Meetings should be recorded and shared online for the benefit of other members around the world who could not physically attend as well as for those considering membership or simply curious about our philosophy. The preferred format for recording is in High Definition video, but if a speaker does not want their identity known outside of the GCOL for whatever reason audio recordings should be made and shared if the speaker gives their permission.


Among other purposes, conferences are key to make sure the leadership team is well informed and on the same page. Leaders are expected to make reasonable efforts to attend these events.

General Conference

General Conference will be a live broadcast via the internet once a year for all members. This meeting will have many keynote speakers within the Church and the movement as a whole.

Leadership meetings

Leadership meetings based on demographic and languages spoken will be held on the first Sunday of every month. This is so we can discuss strategic initiates and provide updates on growth.


Requesting Funds to support the church growth:

Fund Raising

Once a Luminary is in place, he or she may request a fund raising account be established for their brance by submitting request to Archons. The fund raising account will be established by GCOL and the method of presenting it will be given and explained. The fund raising method will be promoted by the Luminary for their specific area.

Once funds have been raised, the Luminary must present in writing to the Archons the “Church Credit Method” explained below.

Church Credit Method:

*Note… In order to use this Method the leader must have completed all required leadership certification courses and have served no less than 1 year with positive results on record.

Funds can be given to each leader when the need is there to help Church growth in your area. In order to request funds each leader in need of funds must submit a formal written request with the following key elements:

Full detailed reason of need of funds.

Cost break down of each item needed.

Vendor information (Who did you buy it from?)

Exact amount needed to the cent.

If any of these elements are missing then your request will be denied.

United States:

If funds are released to the leader then the leader is required within (10) workings days to mail the original receipts to GOCL headquarters for filing. Failure to do so will result in the loss of requesting funds from the church for 6 months and or possible revocation of church status in the case of fraud.

After a (20) days term has past and GCOL has not received a Copy via email, or original receipt it will be deemed fraud and all rights and privileges will be revoked with the Church.

All the Fraud cases will be dealt with in the accordance to law.

Non – United States:

If funds are released to the leader then the leader is required within (20) workings days to mail the original receipts to GOCL headquarters for filing. Failure to do so will result in the loss of requesting funds from the church for 6 months and or possible revocation of church status in the case of fraud.

After a (30) days term has past and GCOL has not received a Copy via email, or original receipt it will be deemed fraud and all rights and privileges will be revoked with the Church.

All the Fraud cases will be dealt with in the accordance to law.


Church Refund method

Leaders can purchase what is needed for the GCOL branches and then send in receipts and an itemized list in the form of an invoice for refunds of services or items needed.

Dealing with donations

During the course of leadership you will be giving and asking for donations to the Church. This is how we can build and remain in service to the people. The Church donations are used to help build up branches and make sure we can create programs that allow for the betterment of mankind.

All donations to the Church must be submitted in full to GCOL Headquarters for processing and deposit into the treasury. Once this is done then the funds will be dispensed as needed across the Church as a whole through fund requests.

Transfer all donations once a month in the most secure manor available. A mailing address has been provided for the USA and Canada if mailing in secure forms of payment:

P.O. Box 73091

17119 Red Oak Dr

Houston TX 77090

For all non-united states donations at this time please transfer all Donations to the Archiereus over your areas. They will then send the funds to the GCOL Headquarters through electronic means to the churches PayPal account at

GCOL Statement on Sexuality

The Greater Church of Lucifer is accepting of all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, political leaning, preference in musical genres, whether you eat the red smarties last, etc… Due to the rapidly changing laws internationally regarding same sex marriage as well as gender identity being in the news we thought it would be useful to explain our position on this and related subjects. To be absolutely clear, the GCOL maintains a strong stance against discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity. Unlike some religions, Luciferianism does not contain any moral pronouncements or judgments against any type of sexual or sensual behavior engaged in between consenting adults.

Our members exist on the full spectrum of gender identity including those who identify as cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming or non-binary. This also includes genderqueer, demisexual, demiromantic, etc… We completely respect the right for each individual to be addressed with whatever pronouns they prefer. If you don’t know whether to refer to someone as he/she/they/zhe/etc… the polite approach is to ask the individual their preference, remember the answer and then always ensure you address them as such.

The GCOL is in full solidarity with the LGBTQ+ and Allies community. We unequivocally support equal rights for all people, which of course includes the right for same-sex couples to marry if they choose. Granting the same rights to a minority group which already exist for the majority does not diminish those rights or oppress the majority in any way whatsoever. We also accept and support those who choose to live a polyamorous lifestyle, again as long as all those involved are consenting adults.

Being a Luciferian means being an individual and respecting one another as individuals in their own right. Each of us is unique and that diversity is what makes us strong as a community. Luciferianism is an inclusive religion, philosophy and lifestyle. We recognize the inherent divinity in each of us and that we are empowered to live our lives in a manner that sincerely embraces our innermost self. We applaud those who have the courage to openly express themselves as they truly are and we also respect the right to privacy for those who desire it.


Succession of the Archon

This article will explain the Succession of the Archons with in the church. In the event of death and or permanent removal of an Achron for the tile. Archons are bounds by these laws within the church.

The Archon must be active in all endeavors of the church. Absence from the church and or inactivity lasting more than one year with no sign of returning or investment will result in termination of title.

Serious Criminality – Conviction of a felony involving serious damages to one or more victims, including but not limited to Murder, Sex Crimes, Animal Cruelty, Child Pornography, Kidnapping, etc…

Resigning from post.

Deformation of the church goals, public image, and or anything that will cause the organization harm.


The Archon holds the right to choose their successor. The Archon must choose and apprentice that will work and be trained directly by them. This apprentice will succeed the Archon after death and will be voted in to the title and position by the other Archons at the time of need.

However if the Archon has broken the four laws of the Archons then the apprentice with forfeit rights to the title and succession will be given to a leader of title Archiereus and be chosen and voted in by all of leadership with the church.

In the event that the Archon should pass and training of the apprentice is incomplete the title and succession will be given to a leader of title Archiereus and be chosen and voted in by all of leadership with the church until the apprentice has been deemed worthy to hold the title.

(c) 2016 Greater Church of Lucifer

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