Why Join the Greater Church of Lucifer?

The GCOL is a dynamic organization based in the philosophy of Luciferianism as defined in “Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy”, our introduction to the living philosophy of the strong willed individual. Luciferians are unique and diverse individuals, coming from all walks of life, who live according to the 11 Points of Luciferian Power and approach life from a self-determined, responsible and balanced perspective. Luciferianism has evolved and ascended from numerous ancient and modern schools of thought, yet we are different in our perspective of self, life and potential.

Some Luciferians are spiritual, balancing the perspectives of the primal and articulated aspects of self; we are not bound by dogma or myth-taught-as-reality. Luciferianism is quickly growing to a gathering of like-minded individuals who share their experiences, knowledge and results, exploring the many facets of the Left Hand Path.

The GCOL is presented as a “church” but in actuality is a convocation of individuals who live according to the 11 Points of Luciferian Power and the philosophy outlined in “Wisdom of Eosphoros”. Many of us practice Magick from various traditions such as Pagan, Chaos Magic, Satanism, Hermetic, Thelemic and Left Hand Path Witchcraft traditions. Many Luciferians utilize the magical teachings of Michael W. Ford and Jeremy Crow; other Luciferians do not practice any type of formal ceremonial magick. Relying on the core philosophy, Luciferians may adapt the philosophy to a number of traditions and schools of thought.

Joining the GCOL is a life-changing experience, if you apply the teachings contained in “Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy”. You will remove the veil of the “occult” to understand that the darkness and light all begin within the individual; no Luciferian submits to any higher force outside the self. We begin with the self, seeking to transform our consciousness into a divine force which seeks knowledge, power and the potential of inner spirituality. No matter atheist, theist or somewhere in-between,

Luciferianism removes the chains of dogma and frightful superstition; actualizing inner and outer wisdom and power in this life!


Membership to the church is not like membership to other orders and or temples based on occult works. The Greater Church of Lucifer does not make profit off the funds given to it by its members. We take these funds to help pay for costs of items to the members, shipping, and the rest as a form of donation to help support growth and building branches throughout the world. These funds also go toward creating publications to help awaken the Earth and bring forth the new age of mankind. It is our purpose in this life to bring illumination to the minds of the people and guide them to reach their fullest potential. Unfortunately these things cost, and we need your support in doing our great work to lift the great apostasy that has befallen our species.

Membership the the Greater Church of Lucifer is free and one can obtain membership free of charge. You are not ever paying for membership in the options below. You are helping us grow and helping pay for the cost of creating all the materials included in each package.

Free membership to the church can be obtained by having the Rites of Initiation preformed by an Leader or current key holder in your area. If you are interested in the rite being done and you are in this area, please contact us and we will have the local Lucifer contact you for an appointment.

Requirements to become a member:

Must be at least 18 years of age. If under the age of 18 then the new member must of the age of 16 with written parents or guardians permission. At least one parent or guardian of the minor must be members of the Church and can be spoken to for verbal permission confirmation.

Must have read Wisdom of Eosphoros and understand the Church’s core philosophy and be verbally confirmed by leadership that they know about the Church and our goals.

Must agree with a majority of our philosophy.

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