The Morning Star

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    By Jeremy Crow and Michael W. Ford

    Before we begin we must expand upon what a Luciferian is without the bias of conspiracy theory and mono-theistic dogma.

    The word Lucifer is used literally and not changed to fit the modern folklore built up around Christian ideology. Lucifer is a word that means “Bringer of Light” and is used to describe the phenomenon known as “The Morning Star.” Since time immemorial Light has been used as a symbol for knowledge and awareness. These most basic concepts can be used to build up an entire philosophy from first principles. One can become a Bringer of Light to all around them and thereby act as a Lucifer in the world.

    Luciferians do not worship “the devil”, Satan or any external god. If anything, it could be said that Luciferians practically worship Knowledge itself, although it would be more accurate to say that we venerate Knowledge. We seek to evolve Knowledge into Wisdom via practical experience. To apply Knowledge into useful experience allows a practical understanding which increases our subjective feeling of Power (control over our immediate environment or life).

    A deep understanding of the natural world and of the self brings the power to change the world, for better or worse. It is imperative that we use this power for the progression of our species and indeed all sentient life in the multiverse. We seek the full progression of humanity so that our species can free itself from the mental slavery that has bound us for thousands of years. These mental shackles have been institutionalized through the dogmatic religions and nationalistic ideologies of the world.

    These institutions and rigid patterns of thought are destined to fall into obscurity. Although this process can be slowed down, it cannot be stopped. The status quo is pushing harder than ever to keep things from changing because they see more and more individuals reclaiming their individual freedoms and personal power. The old mainstream is dying and we are here to usher in the genuine New Age.

    With this simple understanding we can now introduce the New Luciferian Era (NLE).

    In ancient times the Mayan culture developed a calendar so accurate that it rivals our modern calendar. Our current Gregorian calendar is entirely based on the solar cycle, whereas the Mayan calendar incorporated several celestial cycles into their calculations. We have all heard about the propaganda and fear around the apocalyptic events that were supposed to happen at the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the popular date of which was given as December 21st, 2012 CE. Many even claimed that this date would mark The End of the World. In a very real sense, the world did end and a new aeon of enlightenment has risen to take its place. The day after the End of the World marks the start of Year Zero of the New Luciferian Era.

    The entire calendar describes a “Great Year” of roughly 28,000 years. This value is not arbitrary. It is based on one complete “wobble” of the Earth around the tilt of its North-South axis. This natural cycle has been observed by more than one ancient civilization and has been verified by modern science. Just as we divide a common solar year into twelve sections, each ruled by one of the signs of the Zodiac, this Mayan Great Year can be divided up into twelve Ages, again with each ruled by a sign of the Zodiac. Each of these Zodiacal Ages can be considered a “Great Month” of roughly 2300 years each. The transition from one Great Month to another is referred to as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

    It is important to note that the NLE describes the beginning of a new Great Year and not simply the transition to a new Great Month. However, it is difficult to conceptualize the shift taking place between the previous twenty-eight thousand years to the new twenty-eight thousand year period unfolding before us. Therefore it is valuable to dig down and examine the more immediate changes as described by multiple sources.

    At this time we are in the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The sign of Pisces is represented by the fish and its Age correlates primarily with the reign of Christ. The association between the Age of Pisces and Christianity has been explored by others in depth. For our purposes it is of interest to contemplate the following words of Christ as written in the Book of Matthew (NIV) chapter 28 verses 19-20:

    Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very End of the Age.”

    Interpreted from an esoteric perspective, Christ and his teachings are intended for those living in the Age of Pisces and a new revelation will set the stage for the Age of Aquarius. Indeed, the prophetic Book of Revelation gives a symbolic account of the personal and collective transformation that would occur and is currently occurring now that the End of the Age has arrived. The great divide between Spirit and Matter would be resolved, the Resurrected Christ (self-described as the Morning Star or Lucifer) would no longer be seen as external and the contents of the unconscious would be open to examination by the conscious mind.

    There are numerous symbolic indicators of this process within the Christian scriptures if you are so inclined to explore this avenue further. Suffice it to say, this Great Shift is a consistent theme found throughout many religious and spiritual traditions around the world, not to mention relevant celestial phenomenon.

    The Hindu tradition also teaches that there is a large cycle broken up into smaller sections. The Hindu version of the Great Year is called the Maha Yuga. In that system, the final Great Month before the end of the Maha Yuga is attributed to the goddess of chaos and destruction, Kali. If you have encountered this before, you may know that we are said to be currently in this “Kali Yuga” which culminates in the end of the world as we know it, followed by a new “Golden Age” of sorts. The actual timeline is in dispute but some individuals have understandably connected this idea to the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar at December 21, 2012 CE.

    In the modern occult community one of the influential historical figures is Aleister Crowley (1875-1947 CE). He founded the religion of Thelema which describes a series of eras in human development referred to as Aeons. The Aeons spoken of by Crowley included that of the Egyptian gods Isis, Osiris and finally Horus. According to the Thelemic religion, we are currently in the Aeon of Horus which began March 20th, 1904 CE.

    While this is more than a century earlier than the 2012 date we have been discussing, it still deserves mentioning for a couple of reasons. The first is that many, including Crowley himself, made the connection between the concept of the Thelemic Aeons and the Precession of the Equinoxes. It is explicitly tied to the idea of the New Age of Aquarius in many people’s minds. Also, since Crowley declared himself to be the “prophet” of the new Aeon of Horus, he had a vested interest in placing the start date during his lifetime.

    His concept of the New Aeon went on to influence a new generation of occultists. Since then, several others have declared the beginning of other new Aeons based on Egyptian dieties. These include the Aeon of Ma’at and the Aeon of Set. Some have put forward the idea that more than one Aeon can exist simultaneously. Others maintain that one Aeon gives way to the next. Either way, many modern occultists have become aware of the concept through this route.

    It is also significant that the year 2012 CE also marked the last Transit of Venus of the 21st Century. This event is similar to a Solar Eclipse but is a significantly more rare and subtle phenomenon. During a Solar Eclipse the view of the Sun is obscured temporarily when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth. During the Transit of Venus the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth, casting a very small shadow. This would not be noticeable to a casual observer with the naked eye, but can be easily detected by those in the know using rudimentary equipment. The Transit of Venus happens twice, with eight years between each occurrence and then does not happen again for over a century. The next instance isn’t scheduled to occur again until December of the year 2117 CE.

    The planet Venus is especially significant as it is the “Morning Star” alluded to earlier. The last bright object in the sky before the Sun rises is actually the planet Venus. It symbolically heralds the rising of the Sun and in this way can be associated with the Latin word “Lucifer”, literally meaning “Bringer of the Light.” The planet Venus is also the first bright object to appear in the sky when the Sun sets in the evening. This is referred to as the “Evening Star” and can be thought of as the Bringer of Night. In the New Luciferian Era both aspects are recognized as important.

    The Evening Star as the “Bringer of Night” is represented as Darkness. Darkness is symbolic of our primal and unconscious desire and instincts inherent in every living individual; this ‘shadow’ is primary to providing the foundation for our conscious drive as productive members of society and successful individuals. Luciferians find knowledge, strength and power in the restful and equally inspiring darkness.

    The Morning Star as the “Bringer of Light” is the invigorating and disciplined consciousness of our rational minds; we gain insight via experience and applying knowledge towards attaining short and long term goals in this life now. We seek to establish balance between the primal darkness and the inner torch of divine consciousness. This “divine consciousness” is symbolized as the “Black Flame” or “Black Light”; Luciferians use discipline and insight to control and guide our instincts and drives within a productive manner with respect to the individual and the community in which we exist.

    Luciferians primarily travel a Left Hand Path, which is actually The Complete Path as it values works of Light as well as the courageous exploration of the Darkness. On a personal level it is important to recognize and integrate your whole being. Understanding your own Shadow and dedicating all aspects of yourself toward achieving your goals will lead toward the manifestation of the Complete Harmonized Self. This unlocks even greater levels of awareness and personal power.

    What can we expect in the New Luciferian Era? The NLE marks the dawning of an unprecedented level of scientific discovery, personal insight and self-determination available to every human on the planet and beyond. We will no longer be subjugated by superstitious systems of guilt, shame and fear set up for the benefit of the few. We will each rise up and take control of our own personal destinies. The way it plays out is up to each of us and how we wish to shape the course of history. We will become as literal gods; Masters of the multiverse with infinite potential.

    The future is ours! Stand up and make your mark on the world to take your place among the immortals of myth and legend! This is the New Luciferian Era and you are Lucifer!

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    By Michael W. Ford

    Those interested in the ideology and practice of Luciferianism will discover that what society and modern culture has conditioned them from the earliest years until now is a perception of negative and enslavement of our possibilities in life. Luciferianism is unique in the foundation of thought which has the possibility to awaken, deprogram and re-shape our thought patterns and the exact way in which we perceive the world around us.

    Our earliest years of life are strongly shaped by our parents, social media and educational institutions that indoctrinate and create the model of our perception of the world. We learn the sky is blue, the sun is yellow, white is purity, good is what the Christian bible and media tells us it is and evil is put upon our world by the devil who is the enemy of man. It is not our parents’ fault; they too were indoctrinated in this slave mentality.

    Humans are consciously aware beings that have a wide range of emotions and passions which drive them. At an early age, it seems to be a part of the human condition to rebel against some type of authority as our perceptions of the world change with experience. Some grow out of this and become potentially successful or at least acceptable within their social structure as good workers, etc. There are those who only degenerate in behavior to being socially destructive to themselves and those around them. Then there are those who perceive there is something more philosophically but after a few years of being ideological rebels, rejecting the religions of blind faith, allows the weight and influence of friends and family to guide them to social conformity.

    Luciferians are different. From an early age, we accept and develop strong character, a sense of morals with respect for those we call friends and family; the religious stories and teaching of the Christian bible don’t necessarily match the patterns in nature and the human being; that we can easily understand that people always want to put blame on someone else for their troubles and if given the chance, often act over-selfishly against another. While the Luciferian is not born as such, the mind must have some genetic and developmental conditions which offer potential for the individual to find inspiration, comfort and power in this path.

    Luciferianism is not a new invention. Before it was called “Luciferianism” this path and way of thinking was in many Pre-Christian ancient near eastern cultures to varying degrees, often with nobility and the leaders of those societies. Christianity was at a late date born and soon offered a pipe-dream of peace and bliss at the end of the decaying society of the Roman Empire; an Imperial dream of a martial warriors who soon found that wealth and corruption was superior to social balance. The masses were highly impoverished and had little to look forward to. Christianity offers a reward of bliss to those good sheep who trudged along in life in their culture. Christianity was a tool of control and order with little regard for education, cultural growth or the values of the hero and conqueror from the Hellenistic period.

    We are instructed on absolutes at an early age; it is much easier to explain and in turn control when things are either black or white. Gray areas which require often reason and logic can turn against those controlling the populations, thus conditioning the earliest Christian converts in the Dark Ages into illiterate and uneducated idiots (except for the wealthy, noble or priestly families) really worked better than the earliest Church Fathers’ ever dreamed of. By the late Medieval Period, the select few were creating a new age of art and the beginnings of Science, while the Church was repressing and teaching fairy tales for truth, keeping slave mentality stronger than ever.

    Generation after generation was told what to think and where they fit in. Like the breed of a dog, we change their genetics by this type of conditioning until they can’t help but accept this way of living. With so many humans, Luciferians are fortunate to be awake but can find the early stages of self-liberation to grow into confusing mental stress if not allowed to perceive differently than before. To accept such, we must find with reason and logic the benefit and result of doing so.

    Let us take the concept of Darkness and Light.

    In our culture, many commonly perceive darkness as being either ignorance or representing ‘evil’. Light is perceived as both purity and holiness. Those who find an interest in the mainstream edges of the “Occult” world accept and still approach their lives’ with these definitions. Those who find Ceremonial Magick have lessened the absolute; it still is a part of the core of ideology. Anton LaVey’s Satanism was a revolutionary anti-religion in the 1960’s which brought together the foundation ideology from a carnal perspective from which evolved into Luciferianism. A Satanist has a rational self-interest and is happy with indulgence in life; not necessarily a spiritual path or evolution of being. A Luciferian understands indulgence is a foundational human right, yet there is an inner desire for something more.

    Luciferianism recognizes that there is balance in nature and within our own existence. Nature has functions for all life forms; evolution continues to select the best to rule or the cunning to survive within their own environment. We can now begin to understand with Science that was evolved into what we are now. Originally, we were life forms which crawled from the waters. We emerged from darkness; just as space surrounds the sun and is all around us. Darkness is also the place of our greatest fears, our hidden selves and primal desires. Darkness is not ‘evil’ or depressive in any way; rather it is the place of rest, meditative control and dreaming. Within our dreams we wrap ourselves in darkness to shape our nocturnal fantasy, inspiring our subconscious minds towards conscious thoughts.

    Darkness and the primal instinct is the very seat of our desire and passions; if uncontrolled, however we would act without regard for others in the pursuit of over-indulgence. This is where the concept of light emerges. Light is the conscious, articulated and self-controlled aspect of our selves. We don’t seek the light of some alien deity but rather to focus on our own consciousness. Light represents knowledge, enlightenment and with the experience of what we have learned, wisdom. The darkness is the fire of our desire and passion, rising up and uniting with the light to then be refined, controlled and properly directed to lead full lives and attain our chosen goals and concepts of individual power. The balance of light and darkness is essential in Luciferianism, we recognize we are our own gods; responsible for our successes and shortcomings. We are accountable to ourselves for how we treat others and the core concepts of morals we find to be a part of our consciousness. If you observe the great conquerors of the ancient world – Alexander the Great, the Achaemenid Persians and the New Kingdom Egyptians, all present themselves as bringers of light to their people. They seek to strengthen and evolve their own people and appear as illuminated heroes overcoming chaos. Observe also how they at time acted ruthlessly and destroyed their enemies’ without the weak concept that destroys minds – guilt. You see, this is another fine example of balance. In history, the defeated enemy is always depicted as a vanquished force of darkness, evil as a whole and the victor is representing the force of light and truth. Obviously, history presents us with one sided lies told again and again; when something is told consistently and soon accepted by the masses, it becomes “truth”.

    Luciferianism exalts both darkness and light as a balance; duality is a monotheistic falsehood which does not exist in nature. In all beings and within nature itself, there is a cycle of both destruction and creation. From that which is destroyed something new is created upon it. Good and evil are thus the same concept. Anton LaVey defined it as “Good is what you like, Evil is what you don’t like”. As good and evil do not exist, imbalanced and defective people do. Those who steal from others harm the weak or for selfish desire (Luciferianism represents indulgence with healthy discipline) causes suffering to others without sufficient provocation (self-defense, protecting a loved one) are not in some absolute manner, destructive. Simply put they have too many destructive character flaws and are mental unfit for society.

    Nothing in this world is black and white; there are different ways of perceiving something and it does matter which side your own concerning what is happening. Luciferianism requires the intelligence and independent strength of character to make decisions based on the experience at the time. Think before acting, if you must defend yourself then do so with guiltless pride. Don’t do things which you will feel guilt for that is in conflict with your core morals as a living individual.

    Luciferianism is a path to spiritual self-liberation with the responsibility to be accountable for your present and future. The spiritual freedom is one of the greatest gifts of the symbol we call “Light Bearer”. Do not resist the dark…go forth and master it, that the light shall then serve your well!

    Further Reading:

    “Dragon of the Two Flames – Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan” by Michael W. Ford

    “Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih” by Michael W. Ford

    “Adversarial Light – Magick of the Nephilim” by Michael W. Ford

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    The Big Idea

    “Great Minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

    What is this, “Greater Church of Lucifer?” A religion that’s based on sentient beings taking responsibility for their actions and developing themselves in such a way that they are able to constructively influence their environment without the promise of reward or threat of punishment? A church that delivers not the supposed words of an all-powerful deity spoken to a select few, yet instead discusses the possibilities of untapped potential through thorough study and a better understanding of Self? Where is the hellfire and brimstone? Where is the battle of “good versus evil?” Where is the power greater than ourselves that we are supposed to follow so that it may deliver us from our accountability of the actions we make? What’s the big idea?!?

    Allow me to enlighten you…

    When a person thinks of a religion one of the first thoughts that come to mind is “what answers can this one offer me that none of the others can and what is their definition of the god concept?” Time and time again there are many issues that arise which keep most religions from coexisting due to the written regulations of its followers, most oddly enough seeming to go against the essence of the religion itself.

    What makes Luciferianism different in this aspect is that first and foremost, we don’t belittle our cause by wasting energy attempting to attack the individuals, groups, or organizations that adhere to certain ideals. Instead we work to focus on the corrupted ideas themselves which are repeatedly passed from one gullible mind to the next. Another major issue that hinders the progressive aspects of religion and spiritual thought is the age old debate of the existence, or lack thereof, of a god.

    I believe the issue with this is that those whom choose to take part in this argument will always reach a dead end due to the fact that the “proof” relies solely on the individual’s personal account of the deity, thus this futile debate should be irrelevant to the overall purpose of Luciferianism. What we do find an issue with, however, is the multitude of dated, negative, hindering, and even in some cases violent ideals that come from these “religions of peace” and it is against this way of thought that we must defend ourselves through education and unity.

    The difficulty of this process isn’t so much in the development of new ideas as it is in getting people to let go of the old, corrupted ones. This is the main reason why we can’t approach these horrid views in the same manner as those whom are the sources of said views. This is the day and age where the “high-road” can prevail and people’s minds aren’t simply influenced by who has the bigger stick in a conquered land. No holy war crusade can take place in a time where we have so many avenues of information for people to fact-check and research the essence of a religious view as well as how it effects humanity as a whole; thus the driving force behind the Greater Church of Lucifer is defined.

    Though it may use the terms which have been depreciated in value over the years, it uses them in such a way that we capture the original essence of the word’s intended purpose. Terms such as Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis shall be seen prominently throughout our discussions as we work to heal and strengthen the minds of those who wish to escape the easy-road way of thinking and establish a more refined, compatible society in which to advance. And that’s…..the Big Idea.

    ~Lucifer Arkane, Luminary of the Greater Church of Lucifer

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    The Greater Church of Lucifer Sigil in its current form was a collaboration between myself and Archon Jacob No. There is a lot of symbolic meaning packed into this image. Some of it will become clear to anyone who takes the time to contemplate it but there are some subtle aspects that may take a lot more effort to unpack. Without revealing all of its secrets, I am hoping I can stimulate some interest by explaining several of the more prominent elements of the Sigil. We’d love to hear your insights on the various elements of the GCOL Sigil too!


    “Bringing the Light of Truth to All Who Seek It” is the motto of the Greater Church of Lucifer. This is an elaboration of the meaning behind the word Lucifer itself. Lucifer is a Latin word which literally translates as “Light Bearer” or “Bringer of Light.” Light has been a universal symbol for knowledge and awareness since time immemorial and across cultural boundaries. As Luciferians there is a desire to dispel ignorance and obtain knowledge that will free us from delusion and empower us to live our lives in the manner we desire. We also have the desire to share that knowledge with others who actively seek it out, however we do not proselytize. In addition, we don’t have preachers who dictate an established set of teachings to a congregation. In practice this translates to meetings which consist of prepared talks given by different members and guests each time followed by group discussion on the topics presented. In this way we provide a platform for anyone to share their knowledge and expertise, allowing us the opportunity to learn from one another.


    Perhaps one of the most easily overlooked elements of the GCOL sigil are the circles. We have an outer circle and an inner circle. A circle is a shape used to define something. It shows you what is and what is not included. That which is included in the circle is that which is focused upon. As a Church, we are open to the public. This is represented by the space just inside the outer circle, containing the name of the organization and our motto. The motto, discussed in more detail above, expresses our desire to share knowledge with all who seek it. All interested individuals are welcome to participate in our meetings, not just members. Most of our meetings are recorded and posted publicly online for anyone to view or listen to. You don’t have to be a member in order to access the GCOL.

    We also have a smaller Inner Circle. This includes the community of individuals who have chosen to formally affiliate themselves with our organization. Membership means that you are family. It is a declaration that you agree with or at least resonate with a good deal of the content we put out there and that you have taken a personal stake in the success of GCOL projects. You may notice that the inner circle contains all of the more esoteric symbols. These symbols represent the core principles we seek to integrate into our lives as Luciferians. In occult terms, membership gives you a much stronger connection to the spiritual group momentum or “egregore” of the GCOL. We do not claim to hold secret knowledge or occult techniques available only to members. We seek to make knowledge available, not to hide it away. General membership in the GCOL is about taking a more active role in this work.


    A lit torch is something you pass on and is a direct reference to the myth of Prometheus stealing the fire from the Olympic gods and giving it to humanity. Prometheus is just one of the mythological figures which follow the basic pattern that we refer to as the Light Bringer Archetype. In other words, Prometheus is one example of a “Lucifer.” It is one of the goals of the Luciferian to also express that Light Bringer pattern through their lives in their own unique way. In this way we become a Lucifer or Light Bringer in our own right. This is the primary relationship we have with the term Lucifer. Lucifer is not something to worship or bow down to, but something we aspire to become.

    In a very real way, it can be compared to the idea of becoming a Hero. Heroism is not the worship of a Hero or Heroes, but the determination to manifest heroic qualities in our daily lives. In the same way, Luciferianism is not the worship of Lucifer. It is the determination to embody the qualities of a Light Bringer. The insights and wisdom we gain through our efforts are often hard earned or discovered through unlikely chance. It would be a shame for this knowledge to be lost. It is our desire to pass it on to others for the advancement of humanity. The spark of creativity and our lucid awareness are poetically referred to as the Black Flame within us. It is this Black Flame that we bear within and that which lights the torch.


    The symbol of the eye should immediately bring to mind the capacity of sight. To physically see is to become aware of one’s surroundings. To see with the mind’s eye is to exercise the capacity of imagination. To imagine something is the first stage of manifesting it. Therefore the eye also represents the spark of creation which, if tended properly, can lead to full manifestation. This is the essence of magick.

    It is important to note that the eye is open. We do not preach blind, unquestioning faith. We seek full awareness of the Truth, even if it is sometimes difficult or even painful to accept. It’s important that we accept even an unsettling truth rather than sooth ourselves with comforting lies.

    The fact that it is a single eye indicates a level of focus. With only one eye it is impossible to “see double” and in symbolic terms, this means that the delusion of duality has been transcended by the focused awareness of the adept. In addition, it requires a great deal of focus to accomplish our goals. One must “keep their eye on the prize”, as they say. We don’t tell people that they need to keep their eyes on the prizes.

    This eye is within a downward pointing triangle. The downward pointing triangle is a symbol for the element of Water. Water itself has been used as a symbol of the Subconscious Mind. Therefore the Eye can be used to look inside oneself. Unflinching self-awareness is one of the highest virtues which the Luciferian seeks to develop.


    The obvious meaning of a broken chain is Freedom. Not just freedom, but a freedom won from a former state of bondage. This is a very far reaching symbol. Firstly, it is the breaking of the bonds of dogmatic thought. It is to allow oneself to contemplate and explore all realms of mental activity. This includes any “forbidden” or taboo areas of knowledge. Take for example the scientific inquiry that led to the concept that the Earth revolves around the Sun rather than the other way around. This was considered a very dangerous idea because it went against the culturally established belief that the Earth was the centre of the Universe around which everything else revolved. At the time, to even allow oneself to explore this concept and share it required a tremendous amount of courage and personal integrity.

    The astronomers, cosmologists and scientists involved in discovering and supporting this faced the very real possibility of being imprisoned or even put to death for their blasphemy. It is ironic in that sense that openly exercising their Intellectual Freedom could lead to their Physical Imprisonment. Some individuals have found it necessary to exercise their intellectual freedom privately for various reasons. For example, if incarceration would mean that the individual’s family would become destitute and struggle for survival, it is a strategic choice to keep their private thoughts private. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this choice. Others find themselves in a position to take on those risks in order to challenge and eventually change the cultural taboo, championing the cause of freedom and intellectual development of humanity.


    If you remove the words, the circles, the Torch, Eye and Broken Chain you are left with the Sigil of Lucifer. This is from a cluster of symbols found in the Grimorium Verum (Latin for “Grimoire of Truth”) supposed to be used in the calling forth of Lucifer personified as an entity. It is believed to have probably derived from a magic square, the origins of which are now lost. Other than this, very little has been written describing the meaning of the various components of this Sigil. Here I will share the various insights that I have personally gained through contemplation. You may have your own insights and you are encouraged to explore these symbols further on your own.


    The Sigil of Lucifer includes two downward pointing triangles. There is a large one and also a smaller one formed in part by the X. The smaller one, as mentioned in the section on the Eye, is a symbol of elemental Water. In addition to being a representation of the Subconscious Mind, it is also a symbol of the Feminine polarity. This is appropriate because Lucifer is a word for the planet Venus as the Morning Star. In every culture that I can think of, past and present, the planet Venus has been considered feminine. Also, in the Left Hand Path of Hindu Tantra (the origin of the term “Left Hand Path”) the divine feminine is heavily focused on. The term Left Hand Path itself is sometimes said to have originated from the Hindu Tantric custom of having the woman sit to the left of her male partner during their practices.

    Based on the shape of the larger triangle it could easily be thought of as the bottom point of an inverted pentagram. The pentagram itself is also associated with the planet Venus. If we track the movement of Venus against the backdrop of stars, it traces a pentagram in the sky every forty years. Of course, Venus is the Morning Star, also known as Lucifer to the Ancient Romans.

    The specific point of the pentagram is related to the element of Spirit. In an inverted pentagram this Spirit is considered to be incarnate in Matter. It is my opinion that the term Quintessence is more accurate than Spirit. Quintessence is the Fifth Element. It comes into existence when the element of Earth is broken down into its component elements of Water, Fire and Air (sometimes called Salt, Sulphur and Mercury in the art and science of Alchemy), each of which is then separated, purified and recombined. In a sense we can say that Earth is the corrupt and mortal form whereas Quintessence is the perfected and immortal form. Therefore, this larger triangle represents the alchemical process of turning Earth into Quintessence. This process is called Apotheosis, or becoming divine. This is one of the primary goals on the Left Hand Path.


    The letter “V” is at the bottom of the Lucifer sigil. There are many ways to interpret this element. Here are a few of the ideas that have come to me while contemplating it. V stands for Victory. Victory is any manner of achievement. Along with victory comes a well-deserved sense of Pride, one of the folkloric attributes of Lucifer. This needs to be distinguished from an overinflated sense of pride, which is simply delusion. A genuine sense of Pride is a result of achieving your goals. The V hand sign or “mudra” is made with the index and middle fingers extended and spread apart while the rest of the fingers are curled in. When displayed with the palm facing outward it represents both Victory and Peace. To reverse this and show the sign with the palm facing inwards is considered a vulgar sign and is used to insult another person.

    In occult tradition, the V posture, standing with each arm up at a 60° angle is referred to as the Sign of Typhon. Typhon is a half-brother of Prometheus and is described as a dragon or flying serpent with one hundred heads. In some stories, Typhon was created to be the arch-villain of Zeus, king of the gods and as such Typhon can be seen as a force of Chaos. The V posture is also referred to as the Sign of Apophis, named after an Egyptian serpent god of Chaos. Both have much of the same meaning as a force which breaks down the established Order allowing for new forms to arise. In Alchemy this is the stage of Fermentation. We can perhaps go back even further in history and connect this with the Sumerian-Babylonian dragon goddess of chaos, named Tiamat. I encourage you to research the mythology of Tiamat for further insight into this.

    The letter V is the middle letter in the Latin word LVX, meaning Light. This of course brings us back to the meaning of Knowledge and Awareness. There are other traditional occult postures for the letters L and X, each with their own meanings. The letter V is also the Roman numeral for the number Five. There are five points on a pentagram, the same shape that the planet Venus traces in the sky when it goes through it eight year cycle five times. Venus, when seen in the morning after all the other stars and planets have faded from view but before the sun has risen, is referred to as The Morning Star. Another term for this celestial phenomenon is Lucifer. With this in mind, the letter V can also be said to stand for Venus.

    Another connection with the number five is the idea that we are in the Fifth Age. This comes from the concept that the ancient Mayans believed themselves to be living in the Fourth Creation. This also meant that the End of the World had occurred three times previously and replaced by a new creation. December 21st, 2012 marked the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar and the beginning of the Fifth Creation or what we refer to as the New Luciferian Era.


    The X symbol is found near the top of the Sigil of Lucifer. This is a very powerful symbol on its own. A few associations that come to mind right away include the saying, “X marks the spot,” usually in reference to the location of buried treasure. Buried treasure in itself is an interesting concept. Treasure is anything of value. For this treasure to be buried means it is hidden, specifically under the surface of the Earth. It’s a symbol of the valuable insights one can gain from their own subconscious mind. It might be of interest to know that in the Illumination ceremony used when individuals become members of the Greater Church of Lucifer, an X is marked in red on the individual’s forehead.

    An X is also a Crossroads. This is the place at which one must make a decision that will change their life in some way. To be stuck at a crossroads is to be faced with such a difficult choice that we are hesitant to choose one path or another. It is important to weigh our options carefully, but ultimately one must make actually make their choice and take personal responsibility for the consequences that follow. The crossroads is an in-between state and is traditionally said to be where one goes to meet the devil. Tales from folklore sometimes speak of obtaining a new skill from such a meeting. The devil is often a symbol for one’s own shadow – the collection of all the repressed traumas and rejected parts of the self. To become aware of, heal and integrate these shadow aspects of the self is to reclaim a part of one’s own soul. You attain a greater level of personal integrity and strength from meeting and embracing one’s own shadow.

    X is also a Roman numeral. Its value is 10. In our standard base ten numbering system this represents a jump to a higher order. We’ve expanded into two columns of significance: a Tens column and a Ones column. The Arabic numeral 10 is composed of 1 and 0. In ancient times these two numbers were sometimes thought of as a something and a nothing. The shape of the numerals themselves can also be said to represent the penis and the vagina, the combination of which creates new life. In modern times we also use the 1 and the 0 to represent On and Off. We call this Binary, meaning essentially Duality. Interestingly enough if you were to think of 10 as a Binary number, it would calculate out to the value of 2, which again reinforces the idea of duality. To extend the analogy we can even say that it represents the Key to Life, which is the act of creation through the combination or resolution of a duality. Even the shape of an X shows the uniting of two things. In the sense that it is a cross, some have said that it represents the intersection of Heaven and Earth. All different ways of saying the same thing. Again, in the Hermetic Kabala the number 10 represents the fulfillment of the entire process of creation, from creative spark to full manifestation.

    It also happens to be the last letter in the Latin word for Light, which of course is LVX. As mentioned above, the letter V can represent the Fifth Age that we have just entered. The X can represent the task we have in this New Luciferian Era to manifest the Light through our creative actions in this life. The traditional X posture in occultism is made when the individual places each of their hands on the opposite shoulder, creating an X over their chest with their forearms, right over left. It’s called the Sign of “Osiris Risen” and refers to the resurrection of Osiris from death and his ascension to the stars. I propose we could easily modify this to be more appropriate for the Left Hand Path by crossing left arm over the right arm and to focus more on the ascension to godhood. It is my personal inclination to do so, and furthermore to refer to this modified posture as the Sign of Marduk.

    TAGS: GCOL, Greater Church of Lucifer Sigil, Jeremy Crow

  • 29 Jun 2016 12:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Balance, Extremes, and The Dual Nature Of Lucifer

    By Skyler Rassmusen

    Luminary of the GCOL

    Lucifer is known as the Morning Star, the Evening Star, the Bringer of Light, and The God of Darkness. By having these seemingly opposed attributes, Lucifer is representative of total and complete balance in all aspects that permeate life itself: darkness and light, war and peace, creation, and destruction, male and female. There are countless examples of spectrums that The Adversary balances out.

    Now you may be asking yourselves, why is equilibrium in my life really that important? What are the benefits of balance? Wouldn’t the discipline required to accomplish this hinder my hedonistic quality of life? I hope to clear some of this up for you right now.

    Ponder this for a moment. Think of a drug addict who is strung out on heroin. Think of the individual who is so dependent on other human beings for approval that they will sacrifice their mental health for that constant validation. Think of the devout Catholic who instead of purchasing food for their children gives that much-needed money to the church “because it’s time to tithe.” Consider the alcoholic who needs booze before work, or the young person who parties so much that they risk being expelled. These are only a few examples of a certain imbalance working against these hypothetical lives. How is this productive? The simple answer is it isn’t productive at all, and it can lead to serious issues as regards to the success, happiness, and fulfillment of your earthly existence.

    By approaching the Luciferian Path with a mind that is open and eager, you, as initiates, will learn the tools to pursue a healthy brand of self-love and achieve a solid sense of personal balance. As aspiring gods and goddesses, you will find that you must strive to find this balance point in all aspects of life. You must also learn how to maintain this equilibrium if you ever want to move beyond the starting line. Balance is key and without it you leave your mental, physical and spiritual health at risk.

    Start working with the smaller aspects of life that you feel may be causing problems due to imbalance. Ask yourself the hard questions within the confines of whatever personal space makes you feel safe. Begin with the question, “What do I do out of choice and what do I do out of compulsion/habit?” This question isn’t as easy to answer as you might imagine. You may indulge in certain vices but it's within the context of being able to pick it up and lay it down again. You might also have certain thought patterns that some would find rigid, or perhaps even hysterical, or worse yet fanatical. In your chamber you have to exercise a level of self-honesty that is brutal but without succumbing to the dubious temptation of verbal self-flagellation. This examination is not an excuse to beat yourself up. That will accomplish nothing more than self-pity and even that can be a compulsive habit. Once you recognize the things that you do that don’t bring you any real sense of pleasure or personal satisfaction, you can then begin the program to ease away from those issues and reclaim the center. Break the process down into small, manageable steps. After becoming accomplished in balancing small things, move to larger things at an effective pace. Keep a journal or diary to gauge your progress and results. This will make it not only more noticeable but easier; after all, this is not a simple thing for novices to achieve, so I suggest that you utilize tools in this regard.

    Remember: Lucifer, Venus, Prometheus, and Heosphoros are all ultimately representative archetypes of equilibrium and knowledge. By learning and adopting the idea of walking the razor’s edge between all things you will find a new-found self-discipline laying in wait for you to take action and it is this discipline that will bring you closer to your innate godhood. For how can you be the ruling deity of your bodily existence, and beyond, if you are a soft, pliable individual with unbearable addictions and compulsive thought patterns? Indulgence in moderation will teach you how to enjoy life without fully immersing yourself in decadence. This will also give you a growing sense of self-discipline, and more importantly, self-awareness. Those two psycho-spiritual elements fuel the power of the Will. This is the self-control that will eventually lead to what we call “The Mastery of the Earth.”

    Fear not, your life is only taking on a more modest and effective incarnation. This should put your mind at ease and allow you to understand that you do not have to be straight edge or totally dry to find a healthy place where you can still enjoy earthy existence. Even straight edge living can be construed as a form of hysterical fanaticism. Keep the habits that give you satisfaction that you honestly know you can handle. This is a subjective process and not everybody will have the exact same idea of healthy balance as the next person. The only connecting variables between all Luciferian initiates is the need to be objectively self-honest until that self-honesty hardens into a foundation of self-awareness, and finally self-discipline. This is where you really need to buckle down and realize that success in your path lies directly with you. Effort and focus are everything.

    This kind of balance is attainable only to those who are passionate and brave enough to fully undertake understanding the qualities of both extremes of every spectrum. Remember this equation: knowledge + experience = wisdom. Understand that this takes an extremely dedicated individual and the meek will likely never truly succeed in their attempt for balance for the reason that they do not truly recognize and embrace both extremes of the pole. In exploring this path you have to be aware of the dangers of stagnation, as I have said before; never settle for mediocrity and act as a beneficial extremist within your path to self-deification. By consciously taking on this role, you will ingrain the need in your own mind to never become inactive, complacent, or soft.

    Balance in the way that I am presenting it here is the act of transcending the illusions set forth by false dualities and hence uniting the opposites. By balance I am in no way telling you to get comfortable in a dead spot of limbo between strong and weak, happy or sad, healthy and unhealthy. When you achieve equilibrium you will find that you know when and how to lean to either side of the spectrum. You will learn how to make choices on where to move that are beneficial to the Self. In essence what I am proposing is a certain “union of opposites”. Understand the potential of extremes and know where to lean on that spectrum. This may be confusing when you hear me telling you to balance yourself and then in the next sentence state, “to know where to lean in regards to extremes”- what I am getting at is that balance on a personal level, and balance in absolutely everything, are completely different from one another. I am asking that you attempt the former, not the latter. For example, a true balance of action and inaction would result in mediocre attempts. A true balance of perceived states of weak and strong will result in average results. Of course balance works for the majority of things on an objective level, not a subjective level. This being said, know where to lean on the spectrum of extremes to benefit your life the most. Once you have acquired self-awareness and self-discipline you will know when to consciously move to one end or the other, and how far to go. The important thing to note here is that you are making these moves on the spectrum from a place of choice and deliberation- not merely from a place of thoughtless reaction. Embracing extremes after achieving balance can be looked at as a paradox, (eg. a form of imbalance), but on a personal, antinomian level it creates balance in individual lives. Achieve balance and embrace extremes as long as they pave your path to true godhood. As for natural law, don’t be too concerned about that. That always balances itself.

  • 28 Jun 2016 11:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    The Adversary and the Powers of Chaos

    By Michael W. Ford

    Greater Church of Lucifer Houston talk given on 11/14/15 meeting

    To offer perspective of Lucifer and the associated symbols of the Adversary, it is important to define some simple foundations of how we perceive the Opposer from a Luciferian point of view. The way in which the individual ‘perceives’ stirs energy in the mind which is then supported by the words and actions taken to attain goals. The cause and effect of the mental, physical and spiritual synchronicity is imperative to power and wisdom in Luciferianism.

    In Luciferianism, the powers or forces in nature and often creative and destructive; one makes way for the other and balance maintains and supports evolution. This power is also symbolic of humanity and our potential as critical and skeptical individuals. Humans are at best either noble predators in nature or degenerate destroyers of their surroundings. The path of the noble predator is a conqueror who gives support to those balanced thinkers and philosophers which inspire our evolution.

    Some may state, “Lucifer and Satan are the same”, but this is never from the perspective of understanding the archetype or symbol, it is generally from the point of view that Judeo-Christian Cosmology is the status-quo and authority on our collective existence. Luciferians simply reply, “that is not so” and with a little understanding and thought can suggest a more challenging and inspiring depth beyond monotheistic blind-faith.

    A Deific Mask is a symbol, often represented as a specific type of power. This type of power is understood on various levels from the unconscious and conscious mind. Luciferianism is a collective philosophy and path to power which has access to perceive the Adversary of blind-faith and monotheistic religion from the vast pool of pre-Christian pantheons and even the early Christian symbolism of the so-called “enemy” of the established structure. I find this vast pool of knowledge to be highly inspiring in interpreting the so-called “Adversary” as having deeper perspectives on our possibility and conscious beings.

    Satan was slowly developed as an abstract messenger of the Old Testament Yahweh and finds independence and representing the traits of the enemy-gods and people of the New Testament. The Aramaic word satana means ‘adversary’ or ‘accuser’; never taking blind faith as a crutch to slow you down on the path of life but to consciously question and taking responsibility for the life you have now.

    I find the Judeo-Christian and Hebrew enemy of the New Testament and the Book of Enoch to be far more inspiring as a symbol and model for rational self-interest and reestablishing the ideals of seeking insight from experience, overcoming your obstacles and indulgence with moderation. This lays ground for the next step: personal, subjective perception with the mythology inherent in the symbol; this assimilates into a developing spirituality which in Luciferianism is unshakable once it is shaped via insight. It is contingent upon properly understanding the value of the symbol and the honesty of what you desire, fear and the strength to balance both.

    The myth of Ashtar the Rebel, older than the Isaiah myth by at least 800 years is a strong, willful character who learns to adapt his True Will into a very fitting role after finding the Throne of the Storm God Baal to be an ill fit. The God of the Morning and Evening Star, Lucifer has developed into a mythology which is balanced and challenging to the slave-mentality.

    Often, Luciferianism presents symbols and specific ‘epithets’ to represent ‘actions’ or ‘occurrences’ of the Adversary. The Adversary as it is called is a motivating force inherent in both nature and within living beings. This current of energy challenges us, motivates us to overcome and through the insight of experience can inspire self-evolution if the perception of the individual is aligned towards this path.

    What does it mean to be “aligned towards the path” of the Adversary?

    How does the Adversary inspire self-excellence?

    The Adversary is described in Luciferianism as the stirrings of primal, raw power; this can be understood as chaos and darkness and it is vital to the emergence of light. The Adversary exists beyond our perceptions of space and time, beyond the concepts of cohesion and sequence known as the casual/physical world. The Adversary as we acknowledge it in our casual world of matter identify it often as a Deific Mask; a specific representation of a type of manifestation of the Adversary which is related to both nature and the individual.

    When Luciferians state that we do not worship Lucifer or submit to a so-called “higher power” we mean it absolutely. The beauty of myth and the manifestation of the Rebel Spirit in nearly all ancient pantheons present numerous “Deific Masks” of specific types of power. By the Luciferian identifying, commanding and balancing the axis of Will, Desire and Belief, the Black Adept is able to establish the foundations of Power, Balance, Wisdom and Strength: the pillars of the GCOL.

    Satan or the Adversary is not the devil wishing to lead you to Christian hell, rather this is the force of power of opposition in nature and primal instinct which motivates us to seek individual greatness or to fall in weakness, submitting to something ‘greater’ which does not have your best interests’ in mind. Satan is thus a symbol or Deific Mask associated with the primal instinct and base desires; the power of rebellion, indulgence and carnal experience in this world.

    Lucifer is the Light-Bringer, Heralding the Morning and Evening by the appearance of the blazing Venus; long respected as a balanced force of both love and war. Lucifer is thus a symbol or Deific Mask representing the Bringer of Light, who is the Great Angel (messenger) of deeper knowledge of our potential as individuals.

    Adversarial Magick and the Chaos of Darkness

    Some call it “Greater Magick” or “High Magick”, Luciferians can call it “Theurgy” or “Luciferian Magick”. While individuals may attain insight into the basics of short-term carnal desires, associated with the title of ‘sorcery’, long-term self-transformation is focused on attaining knowledge and insight via experience and achieving a balance between the Higher Self and the conscious mind. This type of Adversarial Magick is most impactful when the Adept builds and directs the energies towards the attainment of goals. In controlling and shaping these energies, a type of momentum is slowly gained which brings into fruition a type of syncronicity that supports the attainment of the inner and outer goal(s). The ‘outer’ goals are the physical or carnal desire which inspired seeking this experience and validation of the will; the ‘inner’ is the knowledge, insight and wisdom upon the path of point A to point B. The insight strengthens the will and the attainment of power feeds the Higher Self or Daemon. In turn, the conscious individual will become aware of an unspoken, deep connection with the Daemon or “True Will” as a guiding force of purpose and intent. In gaining momentum in this practice of Adversarial Magick, the observation of both processes in unison are reassuring and inspiring.

    This type of Adversarial Magick requires a certain level of imagination and functional truth. Visualizing your perception of this primal power, the energy created by the focused mind begins the possibility of momentum towards attaining insight and power. There are numerous ways to tap into the unconscious; ceremonial ritual, meditation and the balance of Will, Desire and Belief. Once you can establish this foundation then there will be a simultaneous experience of both the rational, logical attainment of goals and insight and Spirituality from the dark depths of the subconscious.

    In the chaos of primal darkness there is constant-flux in which nameless forms emerge and collapse within it. This Adversarial power is within us, outside of us and within nature itself; challenging, inspiring strength in strife and disorder is the becoming of a conqueror. As we can understand in the Theory of Evolution our origin is found in dark abyssic waters and chaos. Necessity and circumstance pushed various species into new levels of adaptation or death.

    Initiation into the Adversarial Current and mastery of powers of chaos and cosmos are balanced by the Black Adept who may guide and transform energy to manifest in the physical world. The basic level of beginning upon this path begins with the philosophy of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. Attaining a suitable level of mental control, self-discipline and the unity of Will, Desire and Belief begins an accumulation and direction of power which takes form in the realm of cosmos (the physical or carnal world) in short and long term goals. This momentum is strengthened by others who accept the vision that your words and actions suggest with consistency.

    Basic Luciferianism is attaining short and long term goals which include seeking self-excellence in the continual process of what the Greater Church of Lucifer defines as Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. The Black Adept who accumulates power and mastery of Magick ascends into the more abstract and complicated advanced areas of Chaos (Acasual or Primordial Darkness) and Cosmos (Casual or Physical World) which require an instinctual understanding of how one commands and shapes the other.

    To recognize the structure of the Chaos/Acasual and how this dark primordial force may be shaped and guided via energy to inspire insight and power, one might make a study of several Luciferian Tradition Grimoires. Such tomes as “Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih”, “Necrominon – Egyptian Sethanic Magick”, “Dragon of the Two Flames”, “Sekhem Apep – Typhonian Vampyre Magick”, “The Bible of the Adverary” and “Akhkharu – Vampyre Magick” are among a few which are structured in layers of teachings and ciphers for one to master the Physical/Carnal/Casual Dimension and also the Primordial Darkness of Chaos/Acasual Dimension as well. This cannot be “taught” by logical, reasonable means and requires both an instinctual connection with ones psychopomp or Daemon and the imagination to command and shape powers of the Acasual to work through the self as a ‘Nexion’ (gateway or vessel which facilitates and guides energy) in the carnal/physical world.

    Consider briefly the ‘Enuma Elish’ myth of Tiamat and Marduk: from the primal waters of darkness Tiamat and her chaos-monsters exist within a constant shuffling of shape, form and then collapsing into an unconscious state of dream. The gods who came into being by Absu and Tiamat rebelled against the dreamlike darkness of chaos. The Babylonian god Marduk championed the children of this chaos to command order and eventually creating humans with the blood of Qingu. You can compare this symbolic myth to the evolution of life and understand the beauty of myth and fact. In Luciferianism both Tiamat and Marduk are adversarial, motivating powers of evolution.

    If you consider the myths of the Babylonians and Assyrians, Tiamat was only slain in the shell of the forms she assumed. Tiamat was protean in form and could shift in whatever power of chaos inspired her temporary transformation. Her existence in the watery chaos allowed her to manifest during the period of Naram-Sin of Akkad in myths of his conquests of the Gutians; Babylonian mystery rites reveal that Ishtar of Arbela is actually Tiamat in a specific form and power. This is what we can call a ‘Deific Mask’. The Adversary is a force of primordial darkness and blazing, godlike radiance who creates and destroys. The masks of the Adversary are many; Azazel, Lilith, Samael, Belial, Mastemoth, Typhon, Set, Satan, Amon-Ra, Hecate, Ahriman and Lucifer are just a few. Each represents a specific type of power within nature and the individual.

    The Egyptians recognized the word ‘Heka’ to be a mask for the power of Magick itself; ever-changing and transformation in association with the Black Adept who is able to consider the several aspects of the self, including the Ba, Ka, Ib, Ren and if the Ba and Ka ascend in alchemical union, the immortal Akh comes into being. The Sethanic Cult of Masks and the current tradition is presented in the Order of Set-Apep and the Necrominon.

    The monotheistic religions have always held a profane and childish understanding of the Adversary: often they think this is a conscious being seeking to tempt and destroy humans for some abstract reason. Luciferians understand that a Deific Mask is a type of power which may be understood as a beautiful and sometimes terrifying force of creation and destruction.

    On Morals and the Concept of “Sin”

    Luciferians do not recognize the concept of “sin” in the sense that Yahweh and his cult defined as such; however Luciferians develop a deep sense of their own morals and values. Individuals make mistakes and by impulse make the wrong decisions at various points in their life. If I wrong another individual, I seek to correct the issue. If I neglect a loved ones’ emotional needs or something similar I could feel guilt for it as well. I don’t have concerns about being judged by some exterior deity; however to remove the damaging feeling of guilt (which can slowly eat at your mental well-being) I seek to make amends for the purpose of not only the person I wronged, but equally for my sense of honor and to heal that emotional guilt.

    Luciferians do not concern themselves with a god or his commands of morality. I have an even more significant moral structure I live by: my own deep-set convictions which serve me well and supports my sense of honor as an individual. I care nothing for the “sins” of other people, unless they wrong me or someone I care about. If a loved one feels bad or guilty about something done in haste, I care enough to suggest an enhanced way of thinking to avoid feeling that again. I would not die for your sins and I would not let you die for mine. When I have made mistakes, I try to find a way to make it right after a sincere apology. I don’t require an outside so-called “higher power” to tell me right from wrong.

    Luciferians strive to think before speaking or acting and honor the social contract of “common courtesy” of well-behaved and pleasant interactions with others. If the Luciferian lives as much as he or she can by example, there is no use for the executed man nailed to a cross. The strong and wise reject the symbol of the cross; Luciferians invest symbolic belief in that which inspires self-excellence.

    Initiation and the Attainment of Balance

    The aim of the Luciferian if he or she seeks initiation is to command and shape this power according to the Will. Remember, Order is temporary and nearly and illusion. The sequence and cohesion is guided and directed by the Luciferian and others who agree upon it. This illusion of Order will at some point collapse and return into the Chaos of Primal Darkness.

    For the Luciferian who identifies with the symbol of Lucifer and the philosophy we manifest in life, this actualization of Will-Desire-Belief is often a great foundation of Balance. Some individuals remain in the center of this structure and seek to indulge in life to its fullest. For other Luciferians, Magick is beyond establishing control in life, recognizing that we build energy and can shape the luminous Black Light of the spiritual rebel as our Higher Self. This simultaneous journey on the Left Hand Path between the ‘Above’ and ‘Below’ is based in time and will shape a subjective, personal spirituality co-existing with the carnal and physical world.

    The Luciferian depending on insight and instinct will recognize the patterns of Will-Desire-Belief which manifest in 2 layers simultaneously. For instance, what guided us here in this place at this very moment is one level manifest; there was a vision and by Will, Desire and Belief others agreed and it built momentum to become a physical reality. Simultaneous to the physical is also a spiritual manifestation of dark primal chaos guided into the conscious world in a type of synchronicity. This is the very essence of Magick: control and command energy to transform and expand in accordance to the Will. Luciferians knowingly shape and direct energy based on our insight and wisdom to come into being within our individual Crossroads: this is one level of the perception of Balance.

    The Adversary inspires Self-Excellence

    When you think in the Luciferian philosophical approach you command and often unconsciously guide energy to becoming manifest in the physical world in the way of logical and reasonable attainment. Luciferians by nature do not always seek the path of least resistance (unless it serves their goals): we recognize that path of the lazy and unimaginative is the mainstream mass of sheeple we all have come to quietly detest. The path of struggle and adversity if perceived in a Luciferian way may be a catalyst for the self-transformation, insight and power we all thirst for in some way. Overcome your obstacles and find Wisdom, Power, Balance and Strength in this life.

    Think of the Luciferian: a strong willed, independent individual. If you can do it yourself, even if difficult, you reach your limits of what you feel is achievable and in turn self-evolution occurs. This is Luciferianism in practice; literally the life-long process of Apotheosis.

    The weak-willed will follow the path of least resistance. It may begin in childhood, never pushing to achieve goals, settling for the easiest solution rather than the most advantageous one. If you build this habit young, it certainly does not get easier as you get older. The Luciferian does not fool himself; he or she is aware that they don’t find total pleasure in pain and struggle for the fun of it. The Luciferian uses the perception of the situation to challenge and strengthen the self by the experience if required.

    You are the point of balance between the Crossroads; think as a god and act in pure self-love to deeply enrich your life.

    In closing I will bring perspective to the office of Archon, one which I share with three other Luciferians in the GCOL. This is an office and state of being which bears the joyful responsibility of guiding our church. The title of “Rex Mundi” is an epithet of the Adversary, translated ‘The King of the World’. This is not a title of grandiose proportions but meant to be understood from an individualistic perspective. The King of this World is the individual who has accepted and then governs his or her life as the one responsible for the course and path of this life. When I make mistakes, I accept responsibility and do my best to not take the same course again. When I require spiritual guidance, I meditate upon my instincts and values to have the comfort in courage to go forward. When I succeed or overcome obstacles, I honor the achievements with humbled restraint to test my personal strength on the path to come.

    This is the path of the Luciferian.

  • 26 Jun 2016 8:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This term has become one of the most prolific and driving concepts for those who have joined the GCOL. Coined by Michael Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set, it was meant to describe "The Gift of Set" for Setians. The internal fire if isolate consciousness has become a respected description of those who seek Apotheosis or Self-Deification. The inspired document called The Diabolicon first expressed this idea as an inherent quality, given to humans in its poetic expression.

    "And to Earth came Belial, to view the teachings of Asmodeus and Astaroth. And I saw that Satan, who himself oft chanced company of men, spoke of the Black Flame to the first magi of men, testing their Wills in the control of the raw forces of the Cosmos unbound from the law of God." ( Aquino, Diabolicon)

    When I decided to openly and happily abandon the repressive system of repression that I grew up with, the realization that all power necessary for the fulfillment of my dreams and desires resides in me and me alone was like a lightening bolt of renewal. Only the self can stop the tide of newly conceptualized sovereignty and ever growing passion for achieving what Aquino called Xeper, the ever growing knowledge of my potential. Natural instincts became a recognized part of my personality and self as opposed to a shameful side that society claimed should be blackened out of existence. The notion that one does not have to adhere to society's labels, cultural norms, or even the labels and false concepts which one has placed on themselves is the key to igniting this flame. "Hesperus is Phosphorus" as used by many linguistic scholars to denote "sense and reference" becomes a sticking point for self-transformation which has always caused me to think of "existence before essence" as described by Existential Philosophers. The isolate consciousness is up for renewal and re-creation anytime I will it. I now rule as the Capitan of my fate. The limitless nature of the mind released from the fetters of objectified existence is unfathomable. We are told from birth that the bizarre, the animal instinct, the incompliant facets of our makeup must be chained. The will is what makes man equal and truly greater than his fantasies of the divine, should he will it. The metaphor of the rebellious Prometheus is unchained in this vision of a psyche, glowing white hot with self-determination, confidence, and undivided perception of self. For me, the Black Flame personifies Prometheus Unbound.

    Some may ask the question, why put such an eccentric name to what children hear about themselves in public school? I remember the posters and slogans that pointed towards "living your dreams" and " reaching for the stars." Funny thing, nobody knew how to accomplish that without specific training.

    The term "Black" does not refer to evil or anti-love of life. It is rather the beating heart of a savage soul that will have its day to live at the expense of no one but its own self-determination. It is found, right there, in yourself. Far beyond the veil of your preconceived notions about yourself. A howling, faintly speaking your name. It is waiting, smouldering so slowly awaiting for you have the courage to fan it.

    The Black Flame is personified by historical figures who decided to execute their will upon this Earth. Alexander the Great, Hatchepsut, and many who have exemplified the fire of individual will light the way for our new and vibrant Aeon. Those heroes and self-styled divinities who ignored the conventions of the age they lived in to think, speak, and do what they wished for greatness alone. The Black Flame inspires to empower the intellect to accomplish its will. The Black Flame inspires self-value and a personality that will not accept personal injustice or limitations put on it by an outside force. It fears no opposition, but rather loves and drinks it as a sweet tea in the face of any power of restraint. It empowers spiritual experience as it manifests from within. It does not reject the destruction of illusion as false ego would obscure its brilliant void and dark spark. It responds to the blacksmith's hammer and refines to the degree that one works it. It is the hidden, the forbidden, the ultimate accelerant for those who seek to be a Lucifer.

    Erik O Handley

    Luminary of the GCOL

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