We have gathered under one banner a convocation of individuals who embrace the possibility of self-excellence by attaining knowledge, achieving desires and goals, building inner and outer power throughout your life.

Reading further, if Luciferianism intrigues you or seek to know where to begin, read “Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy”. This is the core essence of Luciferianism as a philosophy.

The Greater Church of Lucifer is a foundation for the unique individual who dares to illuminate the inner-light of the Black Flame. As individuals, we seek to express our insight towards attaining apotheosis, Lords of our spiritual and carnal world. As a foundation, GCOL seeks to inspire the few in the masses towards self-excellence and change.

We are an independent and a unique esoteric organization. We are true to our method and base our philosophy in the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. We are about finding the truth in all things and separating the world’s falsity We are real.

We take what has been placed upon this planet and expose the lies we encounter. We seek the secrets of this mortal life and break free from the bonds of common thought. We are the free thinkers, the iconoclasts that have been chastised over the centuries.

We are the new idea of potential in individualism balanced with the whole. All already seek what we are and whom we are, through self-lusts and everyday actions, but yet lie to themselves and worship a false god to keep the mask of acceptance. We break free from these chains and seek to find the old ways, the true ways, and the untouched ways. We worship the Complete Self. We exalt in forbidden knowledge and the paths to power. Without the proverbial serpent in the tree humanity would not be the incredible creature you see in the mirror.

The Greater Church of Lucifer is only a “church” as a play on words. We are a gathering of like souls who seek to understand and live within the framework of Luciferianism as we understand it. We have no religious dogma or tenants of belief that are mandated upon any person. While we are within the scope of the occult, or mysteries, we extend no control over individual lives. In our community is the opportunity to focus on self-transformation and the understanding of living a responsible life. This is a self-determined inner spirituality that leads to living a life of wisdom and power. One discovers for herself/himself that no one has control over anyone else and this must never be so.

We are responsible for our own words and actions. No one can tell us how to live our lives or force us to do so. There are no sacred books or scriptures that place demands upon our lives. We live by the dictates of our own inner-light, or what we refer to as The Black Flame. There is no pope or authority over us for we are the Captains of our own Souls.

We present the philosophy of Luciferianism in a publication entitled “Wisdom of Eosphoros”, written by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow, Jacob No and Hope Marie. This book is the foundation for our philosophy. This work defines what darkness and light represents, that the primal must be balanced with the articulated mind. We uphold that both light and dark exist as one and can not be separated. We always seek to work with light and dark and reject the concept that either is evil or inherently bad. There is no place for negative energy or a malevolent intention as neither is a part of this spiritual path. We do not worship Satan, Lucifer, or any other being. Each person is recognized as the goddess/god of her/his own existence.

Luciferianism is a responsible pathway for self-awareness and self-improvement. It is within this understanding that we do not see our view on Luciferianism as a religion but rather as a philosophy for living life and, while it is not a religion, is a path of awakening to self-deification. We accept that Luciferianism can be theistic or atheistic. We embrace both concepts as individuals are free to decide for themselves which to believe. We lean toward atheistic Luciferianism but recognize that both views exist and are valid to the individual. We do not view that they are opposites, but rather a vibrant polarity. Each side has something to learn from the other. We, as a church, seek to live together in harmony and this polarity promotes balance and discussion. We believe in the ultimate freedom and responsibility of each individual to study and to determine her or his own path. Life-long learning (personal study) is our only requirement.

The goal of personal study is development of the self. Welcome to the journey of discovering who you are as your own goddess/god. Welcome to The Greater Church of Lucifer. We are glad you are here and you are here on purpose.

(c) 2016 Greater Church of Lucifer

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