Luciferian Initiatory Order

The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH) is an initiatic body of the Luciferian Tradition presented in the works of Michael W. Ford and associated Adepts. The Luciferian Tradition is founded on several key texts which define the philosophy and specialized corpus of magickial practice known commonly as the “Adversarial Path”, “Adversarial Current” and “Luciferian Magick”. The Tradition itself is derived from numerous sorcerous traditions and specialized arts which allow the teachings, symbols and integration of the seeker towards the wisdom and power within the Luciferian Path.

The Adversary is firstly a symbol or a “Deific Mask” of numerous yet unique manifestations; representing energies inherent in both nature and within the individual. TOPH utilizes a connected and structured system to actually apply Luciferian philosophy and dive the depths of darkness and ascend as a unique bringer of light, shaping the path you wish to take in this life. Luciferian Witchcraft and Adversarial Magick are the tools in which the initiate utilizes in their own unique way to manifest short and long term desires and goals.

The corpus of magickial knowledge is transmitted to the initiate in a challenging way which must be fully experienced before formal initiation begins. The initiate attains the knowledge, insight and power to become the very center of their world; responsible for successes and shortcomings. The magickial transmission of the Adversarial Current is uniquely experienced by the initiate by the alchemical illumination of the infernal and empyrean powers. The initiate creates and recognizes the power of the unconscious, primal mind and understands it as “Leviathan”, the crooked and coiling serpent of watery chaos.

This is the center and foundation of all that drives you with dark desires, passions and the predatory instincts; this is symbolized as the circle of the self, which your awakening shall occur. In this Leviathanic Circle, the Infernal Union of the linage of Samael and Lilith ignite your daemonic consciousness in the forge of self; like the Watchers of our Luciferian Tradition, the spark ignites into the Black Flame incarnated as what may be known as Baphomet, the Beast or Cain the symbolic veil of the mystery of the idealized sorcerer.

The present work of TOPH

The initiates of TOPH are an autonomous body of individuals who seek knowledge and power according to their predilection, within various structures of magical disciplines. This includes activities which include covens, lodges or solitary practices.

The primary goals of TOPH, in its present representation, is understood as a foundation and path of magickial instruction for the individual who has applied the Luciferian philosophy as defined in “Wisdom of Eosphoros”, called individually to the Adversarial Current through the sorcery of the Luciferian Witchcraft Tradition. There are several and varying foundations with the primary few being the Grimoire’s “Adversarial Light – Magick of the Nephilim”, “Bible of the Adversary”, “Dragon of the Two Flames” and “Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih”. Each initiatic stream is different and should be explored based on the natural attraction of the sorcerer; with a basic structure found in the Grade 0 course book. In accordance with the protean spirit of the Luciferian Tradition, initiates formulate often unique manifestations of the Luciferian Tradition; all as paths to self-empowerment and the continual evolution towards the True Will (Daemon) and manifesting the spirit to the benefit of the Adept and TOPH.

Concerning initiation and the structure

Initiation into the Luciferian Tradition as represented by The Order of Phosphorus is at this point by initiation and recommendation primarily, while solitary Luciferians may present the completed work of Grade 0 to be considered for formal induction in TOPH. The requirements which must be met by the aspirant are unique and based on the individual, with a few key requirements hereby stated.

Those individuals who find a natural inspiration and desire to apply the 11 Luciferian Points of Power must formally become members of the Greater Church of Lucifer. The earliest stages should represent the application of the philosophy in daily life; slowly become a Luciferian by example and the stability to flourish in this Left Hand Path way of thinking. The Grade 0 – Nahemoth and the Black Earth course book may be freely downloaded and printed or saved in a digital format by the aspirant. Within the general time frame of 6 to 12 Months, the Luciferian may apply the workings of this grade, keeping appropriate records which upon completion, must be submitted to the Magister or Priest of the Adversary Gatekeeper for review.

After the grade work is demonstrated in the various forms including the course workbook, formal initiation and membership into The Order of Phosphorus will begin with Grade I recognition. The work of Grade 0 is very difficult and requires real magickial struggle and a discipline to overcome obstacles and attain basic goals. Many seek TOPH but few may pass through the Eye of Algol, emerging as changed initiates who are beginning to understand their potential.


The aspirant will utilize the basic structure found in “Adversarial Light” to study and apply the theory of ritual and to seek knowledge of the self. This includes your unconscious desires, fears, strengths and weaknesses; applying Luciferian philosophy to overcome obstacles, strengthen the mind and/or body and begin to experience inner spirituality. The key to success is to dedicate and experience the mundane daily thoughts, words and actions to recognize how you practice magick on a very simple level daily. The aspirant must balance the practice of ritual magick, meditation and visualization with the practical logic of thoughts, words and actions in daily life. This can be a struggle and the test lies in the discipline of the Will to see this course to completion.

Grade 0 is represented by the element of both Earth and Air. You will slowly seek to gain mastery over the earth; this is demonstrated by your manifestations of defined goals and obstacles you must overcome. By the completion, your ascension and the early stages of mastery over the Powers of the Air will guide you into Grade I. Grade 0 is represented by the Sigil of Algol – this is the primal chaos of predatory instinct, desire and the fall from restrictive beliefs. The Aspirant must by Will and determination alone, ascend by merit and the strength of the Mind.

GRADE I° - The Blackened Forge of Cain

Title: Adept of the Black Flame

The Blackened Forge of Cain is the formal initiation grade of the aspirant – now ascending as the Adept of the Black Flame. The Adept has mastered the self and demonstrated his or her wisdom in manifesting self-determined goals of various kinds. The Adept is a living example of the power of Luciferianism and the potential has now become as vast as the sky.

The Sigil of Infernal Union represents what has begun and is occurring within the mind and body of the Adept. This union creates the manifestation of Baphomet or Cain, known in various traditions as the Witchfather or the Horseman. The mysteries of Baphomet should be considered here to fully comprehend this Black Alchemical transformation.

Within the structure of the Qlippoth, or another stream of initiation, the Adept begins with the “Luciferian Supper of Cain”, rejecting the slave-mentality and dogma of the weak. The Adept should now begin to seek to awaken and actualize his or her True Will or Daemon. Various types of sorcery and magick should be explored and greater goals be defined. Grade I opens now for the Adept the possibility of great initiatic freedom; the sub-orders and initiatic streams of power may be joined including the Black Order of the Dragon, Order of Set-Apep to experience different representations of the Adversarial Current.

Grade II° - The Witches Sabbat

Title: Adept of Algol II°

The Witches Sabbat is the grade in which the initiatic current has become manifest in the sorcerer, who by the control of dreams and by spiritual mastery has become a vessel for the initiatic current. The Sigil of the Crossroads and infernal knowledge is a symbol of deep mystery, the very gift of the feared mask the profane call the “devil”.

The Adept of Algol utilizes the element of Water here, the very foundation of our unconscious desires and primal lusts; channeling and directing the primal force by exploring it via dream is a path to conscious power.

Grade III° – The Adversary

Title: ORS-VOVIM and Bearer of the Luciferian Caduceus

Specific Chosen Title: Priest of the Adversary

The Grade of III is one of unique mastery of both spiritual and physical realms. The Ors-Vovim is one who has uniquely demonstrated their accumulation of power and a balance between spiritual and carnal mastery. If the Ors-Vovim has the desire towards service in TOPH, he or she may be mentored by a Magister or Magus towards the Priesthood of the Adversary. The Priest is a powerful force in TOPH; demonstrating by example their unique mastery and the skillful art of directing the current and the aims of TOPH to those involved. The sigil of Ors-Vovim is the Luciferian Caduceus. The Caduceus recalls the fertility and chthonic powers of Ningishzidda, the Underworld Sumerian god. The Priest of the Adversary has fully wielded the balance between fertility (inspiration, creation) and the Adversarial Spirit of Algol.

Grade IV° Magister Vox Barathrum

Grade IV is a specifically self-determined path of both mastery in the world of order (casual) and chaos (acasual) dimensions, establishing a strong contribution to the Luciferian Current by example of a unique type of expansion of TOPH by means of leadership and vision. There are two specific types of offices in Grade IV – Magister Vox Barathrum who is serving as TOPH director as “Master of the Temple” for atleast one year and up to 10 years. The Magister who is not the director of TOPH will serve in a specific area of direction and development in TOPH. The Grade is not limited by years and when not directing as the Master of the Temple, the Magister shall determine how they shall seek greater levels of power and wisdom. The sigil of the Magister is the Luciferian Wand, the very controlled Black Flame (the element of the wand) by the Luciferian Mind, balanced by the protective Uraeus who are both destructive (poisonous) and have powers of fertility; the great Egyptian wings inspire the Magister to ascend and conquer obstacles for the benefit of TOPH but also the immediate realm of control (family, friends, etc).

Grade V° - Prince of the Powers of the Air

Title – Magus

The Magus has evolved from flesh, Black Flame and Spirit into the manifestation of a god. The Magus has established a balance between the conscious self and the Daemon, alchemical union between the primal darkness and higher facility of consciousness. The Magus is the state of being which is attained by the Magister who has ushered forth an emerging magical principle which is recognized by the uttering of a word of power. This causes profound effects to the world by the connection of those around the Magus. Essentially, in the way which is unique to the Magus, is balanced within the Magister who then directs Aeonic (Acasual) current and crystalizes some of the united psyche of the conscious, unconscious and Daemonic aspects of the individual. The successful Magister who has brought forth this word of the forces of chaos, become a temporary manifestation of order within the casual/carnal world of flesh. The Magus emerges as a union of the fallen powers of chaos and the Lord of the Earth.

The Lightning Sigil of Satan recalls the power and majesty of Anton Szandor LaVey, the standard of this office with a deep level of symbolism herein. The Lightning Sigil of Satan represents the power of carnal and spiritual mastery in the Inverted Pentagram, while the sign of the energy bolt of lightning recalls “The Prince of the Power of Air” and “I saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning” from the New Testament Bible. This is a strong talisman of what can be understood as a terrifying or inspiring state of being. The Magus has proclaimed a Grimoire and method which directly inspires evolution in the representation of the Luciferian Current. The Prince of the Powers of the Air is not only spiritual mastery, i.e. dreaming and spiritual control, but perhaps more importantly the skilled mastery over inspiring and guiding others by the expression of words and deeds in the physical world. Magus is an office which is not defined by tasks or ritualistic methods. It is the epiphany (manifestation) of the Adversary in flesh.

Offices within The Order of Phosphorus which compose a ruling body

Magus Akhtya (Michael W. Ford) – High Priest of the Adversary is an office which is not consistently involved in daily TOPH direction or administration. The Magus supports the Magister who serves in the office of directing TOPH.

Magister Dualkarnain – The presiding Magister is the director who has full authority to guide TOPH according to his unique vision.

Hierophage – The Priest who is the gatekeeper and grade work reviewer and challenger. The Hierophage will review and respond with suggestions and direction for the initiate; recognizing the results of the initiate and ascend into the next grade within TOPH.

Priest or Priestess of the Adversary – those who serve TOPH as guiding and challenging priests who interact and seek to inspire, challenge and offer guidance to the Adepts of TOPH.

Verdelet - Master of Ceremonies is the office which succeeded from the medieval witchcraft tradition in which a demon was Master of Ceremonies in the courts of Hell or the Underworld. The Verdelet holds the office which acts as an organizer of covens or lodges in Sabbatic Rituals involving dream control or astral projection, including traditional “in the flesh” ceremonies honoring the Horned God of fertility, predatory and lustful impulses. The Verdelet is associated with the Green Man and associated imagery.

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